Best College Courses on Audio

Best College Courses on Audio

Best College Courses on Audio

Some of the best educational audio comes from college course lectures taught by great teachers. Here's a listing of the best college courses available on audio to date:

Modern Scholar - Download over 100 courses covering a number of subjects taught by great professors.

Stanford on iTunes - A few free courses from this prestigious university including courses on Historical Jesus, The Literature of Crisis, and Modern Theoretical Physics.

webcast.berkeley - Over 60 free podcasted audio courses to choose from covering science, psychology, engineering, and many other subjects.

UCLA BruinCast - A dozen free podcasted course primarily focused on the sciences.

The Teaching Company - Over 200 of the best college courses taught by the greatest professors in America. (Unfortunately they've forced us cease-and-desist linking to them so you'll need to browse their site for these resources - www.teach12.com.)

Home Academy - Two courses currently published and available on audio download: History of the European Union and Rembrandt: An Audio Course on the Artist's Life & Work

Acres of Diamonds

Download Russell H. Conwell's Acres of Diamonds. Originating from a speech that Conwell delivered thousands of times throughout the United States, this book provides wisdom on finding opportunity and fortune within one's own community.

Russell Conwell was a Baptist minister and an outstanding orator, and his words are well-narrated here by Jon Reiss. Listen to this classic work on how to find wealth and prosperity no matter where you are.

LearnOutLoud's Biography Podcast

We've now launched our 10th podcast which we call LearnOutLoud's Biography Podcast.

In this podcast we'll be featuring great excerpts from classic biographies and autobiographies throughout history covering figures like Alexander the Great, Leo Tolstoy, Booker T. Washington, and many more.

To start off this podcast we're featuring a selection from Helen Keller's autobiography The Story of My Life, which explores her early life and her struggle to communicate, up until the first encounter she had with her loyal teacher Anne Sullivan.

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