Best UCTV Videos

Best UCTV Videos

1. New Videos up on LearnOutLoud

We've added some cool new videos to the Free Directory on LearnOutLoud. The best part about these is that thanks to Google Video's ability to embed videos you don't even need to leave our site to watch them. We've added 44 videos from UCTV featuring people like The Dalai Lama, J. R. R. Tolkien, Oliver Stone and Madeleine Albright. We've also added 13 videos from the Google TechTalks series including talks from Vinod Khosla and Barry Schwartz. To watch these free videos click below:

UCTV Videos
Google TechTalks Videos

2. Five Dangers of DRM'ed Media

A generation of people is being mislead by some glitzy marketing. They are buying music and other media off of services like iTunes thinking that they "own" this media. But unlike the generation before them was able to do with all those CDs they purchased, this new generation probably won't be able to enjoy their music and other media for many years to come.

To read more about the "Five Dangers of DRM'ed Media", click here.

3. Two New Podcasts: Emerson and the Founding Documents

We added a couple of new podcasts feeds this week. If you've been wanting to listen to The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson or our Founding Documents collection but missed them when they were our Free Audiobook of the Month you've got a second chance. Click on the links below to listen or subscribe to these podcasts:

The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson Podcast
The Founding Documents Podcast

4. Our Top 100 Bestsellers

The Top 10 Bestseller box in the upper-right corner of our homepage has been a very popular feature. Now we've expanded this to give you a listing of our Top 100 titles. Most won't be much of a surprise but others will be. To see our Top 100 best-selling titles click below:

LearnOutLoud.com's Top 100 Bestsellers

Blog Post: Our Top 100 Bestsellers

5. Welcome to Writer's Audio Shop

We'd like to extend a very warm welcome to Writer's Audio Shop, the latest publisher to add their content to LearnOutLoud. If you make your living as a writer (or aspire to someday) then you'll definitely want to check out their titles, many of which we have available for download directly from our site.

Writer's Audio Shop

6. Our Podcast Directory at Year One

It's hard to believe our podcast directory is already a year old. Our baby has grown up so fast and now has 810 podcasts. We recently cleaned it up a lot, getting rid of many of the "podfaders" (podcasts that are no longer being regularly updated). As always, our goal isn't to be the biggest podcast directory, just the best. Check out what David has to say on the one year anniversary.

Our Podcast Directory at One Year

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