Classic Christian Audio Books on MP3

Classic Christian Audio Books on MP3

New Titles from Hovel Audio

Our good friends over at Hovel Audio have given us some new titles to make available to you. Hovel Audio is a publisher of classic Christian audio books that are thoughtful, devotional, and inspiring. Some of the titles worth checking out include:

E.M. Bounds: Man of Prayer by Lyle Dorsett
Finding God Beyond Harvard by Kelly Kullberg
The Universe Next Door by James W. Sire

Click here to see these and dozens of other titles from Hovel Audio.

Who Will Be YouTube 2?

It's our job to stay up on what's going on in the world of audio and video education and no company has had a bigger impact on the video world lately than YouTube. In this blog entry we handicap the odds as to who will become the next YouTube now that YouTube has been swallowed up by Google. Check it out!

GoogTube is Official - Who will be YouTube 2?

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