Classics of Western Philosophy

Classics of Western Philosophy

Classics of Western Philosophy: Volume 3

LearnOutLoud.com is pleased to present a new audio book for the month of October: Classics of Western Philosophy: Volume 3. Volume 1 and Volume 2 have both been very popular, and with Volume 3, we continue our efforts to provide an overview of the philosophical ideas that have shaped our world. Here are the selections included in this volume:

  • The Symposium by Plato
  • The Poetics of Aristotle
  • Principle Doctrines of Epicurus
  • "That to Study Philosophy is to Learn to Die" Essay by Michel De Montaigne
  • Second Treatise of Government by John Locke
  • Selections from the Philosophical Dictionary by Voltaire
  • The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
  • The Emptiness of Existence by Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein

    This audio book is narrated by three of our best narrators: Antonia Bath, Tony LaHood, and Kenneth Morris. Download this 3-hour audio book today.

    Download Classics of Western Philosophy: Volume 3

    What's New To Download?

    What's New To Download? Quite a lot!

    We've added numerous abridged editions of timeless classics on download from NAXOS AudioBooks such as:

    -Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
    -War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
    -Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
    -The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling
    -The Persian War from The Histories by Herodotus

    We're also offering many more great speeches from the Gordon Skene Sound Collection including:

    -Huey Long Speeches
    -Nelson Mandela Speeches
    -President Roosevelt Longest Fireside Chat - Unlimited National Emergency

    And we're also featuring a free Cold War documentary that was broadcast on February 25, 1950:

    -Cold War Documentaries - "Atomic City: USA"

    In the last few months many new titles have been published through our TeachOutLoud service:

    -10 Audio Courses from Dr. Know, Inc. covering the United States Medical Licensing Examination and the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination

    -Free New Testament Books of the Bible with accompanying music to engage teens and kids

    -Money For Life: A Personal Budgeting Course

    -Free Hindi Scriptures including a 4-Part Audio Book of the Krishna Leela and a 6-Part Audio Book Valmiki Ramayana narrated by Prati Dhwani

    -Spiritual and Personal Growth Titles from Dr. Maurice Turmel including 2 free downloads

    -Free Personal Finance Audio from the Northern Trust Corporation

    -Over 25 Instructional Audios from Reiki Master/Teacher/Author Zach Keyer

    Now Over 80 Free Courses From UC-Berkeley

    It's a new semester at the University of California-Berkeley, and for audio learning lovers that means a bunch of new courses to listen to. Fall of 2007 is the fourth semester that webcast.berkeley has been podcasting, and they now feature in their archive over 80 unique courses to download. Also almost all their courses can be subscribed to now through the iTunes U section of iTunes, which we provide links for. Here are some of the courses that are new this semester:

    Time, Money, and Love in the Age of Technology Podcast

    The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich Podcast

    The Ancient Mediterranean World Podcast

    Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business Podcast

    Nutrient Function and Metabolism Podcast

    Heidegger Podcast

    Quantum Mechanics Podcast

    Developmental Psychology Podcast

    Enjoy these free lecture courses from the great University of California-Berkeley! Check out all UC-Berkeley college courses here:

    All webcast.berkeley Podcasted Courses To Date

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