Famous Speeches in History

Famous Speeches in History

Great Speeches of the 20th Century

LearnOutLoud.com recently partnered with the Gordon Skene Sound Collection which features thousands of hours of original audio recordings from the 20th century!

We've started with 10 downloadable audio programs from the collection:

Gordon Skene Sound Collection Downloads

The major collection of speeches we've put up is entitled:

Great Speeches Of The 20th Century

This comprehensive work of 20th century original recordings features excerpts from over 60 famous speeches. From now through the end of July LearnOutLoud.com will be offering this entire collection for only $19.95.

This 4-volume set is also organized by theme and each volume may be purchased separately:

Volume 1: The Political Arena
Volume 2: The Changing World
Volume 3: The Dreams, The Inspirations, The Accomplishments
Volume 4: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times

We plan to put up many more great original audio offerings from the massive Gordon Skene Sound Collection, but we want to know what you'd like to hear. Please feel free to let us know what sort of recordings you'd like to hear by emailing us at: emagazine@learnoutloud.com.

Over 80 New Podcasts

LearnOutLoud.com added over 80 new podcasts to our ever-expanding educational podcast directory which now features over 1400 podcasts you can learn from:

LearnOutLoud's Podcast Directory

Here are some of the highlights of what we've added:

Voices of Wisdom Podcast - Our good friends at Sounds True have put together this superb podcast which features generous excerpts from some of their best audio programs.

NPR: Car Talk Podcast - National Public Radio is now podcasting this popular and hilarious automotive radio show in its entirety.

Brian Tracy Podcasts - Audio & video podcasts from personal & professional growth authority Brian Tracy. Learn "The 21 Unbreakable Laws of Money" and much more.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Podcast - A professionally recorded unabridged edition of Mary Shelley's classic Gothic novel available as a podcast.

Onion News Network Video Podcast - Enjoy some laughs from America's #1 source of satire with the Onion's new video podcast.

LearnOutLoud.com's podcast directory now has 140 video podcasts you can learn from as well:

LearnOutLoud's Directory of Video Podcasts

Browse around our Podcast Directory. You're sure to find something you're interested in!

50 More Sounds True Downloads

We know we featured Sounds True Downloads in the last E-Magazine, but Sounds True continues to offer more excellent audio downloads, many of which have never been in downloadable format before:

Browse Over 200 Sounds True Downloads

Here's some audio learning courses of interest:

-The Beginner's Guide to Yoga by Shiva Rea
-Dr. Quantum Presents: Meet the Real Creator - You! by Fred Alan Wolf
-Getting Unstuck by by Pema Chodron
-The One Two Three of God by Ken Wilber
-Your Power to Create by Caroline Myss

That's a few of the hundreds of titles Sounds True is now offering through LearnOutLoud.com. More to come.

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