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We're adding a lot of new material to our Free Directory these days and now have a way to notify you when we've added cool new titles. It's called our Free Resource of the Day e-mail. By subscribing you'll get a daily e-mail (Monday through Friday) containing a link to a free audio book, speech, video, etc. One day it might be a link to a free, full-length version of The Art of War. The next day it might be links to the recent remarks given by Attallah Shabazz and Maya Angelou at Coretta Scott King's funeral. Each day we'll do our best to pick something for you that's educational, inspirational and entertaining.

To sign up for the Resource of the Day newsletter, click here and enter your e-mail address. Then click "Subscribe" and check the box for "Free Resource of the Day E-mail (M-F)". Click "Submit" and you'll be all set. Our newsletters start going out on Wednesday, March 1st so look forward to starting to receive these links each day. We think you'll really enjoy them.

It's Oscar Time!

It's T-minus five days or so until the 78th Annual Academy Awards. One thing that makes watching the Oscars more fun is having watched all the movies that are up for awards. But who has the time for that? And reading all those books for those movies? Surely you must be joking...

But why not take advantage of your commute and listen to a few audio books that will give you greater insight into the movies that are up for awards? For example, you can listen to Striking Back, a nonfiction book about the aftermath of the bloody 1972 Olympic kidnappings depicted in Best Picture nominee "Munich." Or listen to Truman Capote's audio book In Cold Blood (Best Picture nominee "Capote" was based on the period of Capote's life in which he wrote In Cold Blood).

Seth's written a great article summing up the year in movies. It includes links to a number of audio books related to films that came out this year as well as podcasts that will quench your thirst for cinematic dialogue. Whether you're a huge movie buff or just a casual movie-goer you'll definitely find it interesting.

It's Movie Time!

Presidential Biographies

In February we here in the U.S. celebrated President's Day and what better way to celebrate than with a Presidential autobiography or biography on audio? We've put together a comprehensive listing of Presidential audio books ranging from titles on Jefferson and Adams to Clinton and Bush. Sound interesting? Check out the link below:

Presidential Biographies

New Downloads

A few new titles available for download from our Sale Section:

Miracles Are Guaranteed by Bill Ferguson
Making a Good Brain Great by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
PeopleSmart by Tony Alessandra
10 Traits of Spiritually Productive People by Guy Finley

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