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TED Talks & Free Directory Update

TED Talks & Free Directory Update

TED Talks

I'm incredibly stoked about the fact that some of the sessions from this year's TED Conference are now available for free on audio and video. Kudos to all the folks at TED who helped in making these available. The fact that you can now "virtually attend" a conference that normally costs over $4,000 says a lot about the incredibly cool new world that we're entering where the only cost to access the best ideas and cutting-edge information are a PC and an Internet connection. To watch sessions from the TED Conference including talks by Al Gore and Tony Robbins, click below:

Best of TED Talks

To see my recent blog entry on this, click below:

TED Talks - Very Cool!

Subscription Update

Thanks to all of you who have signed up to be subscribers to LearnOutLoud. If you haven't signed up yet here's a glimpse of what you're missing out on:

-Discounts of up to 40% on all audiobooks at LearnOutLoud
-Free standard shipping on every order (U.S. only)
-Rollover credits and no commitment
-Four full-length audiobooks for free when you become a member!

Our subscription plans start as low as $12.95/month. Consider it a great investment in your education and success. For more information or to become a subscriber today, click the link below:

LearnOutLoud.com Member Plans

Free Directory Update - Closing in 1,000

We've been hard at work lately updating our Free Directory. For those of you who haven't visited it yet, our Free Directory is the Internet's most comprehensive directory of free audio and video learning titles. We're up to almost 1,000 titles (947 at last count) and adding more all of the time. Here are a few recent additions:

Titles from the Cato Institute
Titles from World of Ideas
Titles from Audio Anarchy
Titles from the Lannan Foundation

To listen to or watch any of the hundreds of other titles in our Free Directory, click the link below:

LearnOutLoud.com's Free Audio and Video Directory

Search *Within* Our Podcast Directory

This week we added the capability to search within the audio of any of the podcasts in our podcast directory. We've partnered with Podzinger to bring you this and it's a very cool technology. This is a great way to discover new podcasts or find recent episodes about a specific subject or current event.

To search within the audio of our podcast directory, click below and look for the search box in the upper-left corner.

LearnOutLoud's Podcast Directory

To find out more about this new feature of our site, click below to read a recent blog entry on the subject.

Search *Within* Our Podcast Directory

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