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This Publisher: Immortality Institute

Immortality Institute: Exploring Life Extension

Immortality Institute: Exploring Life Extension


Title Details

Running Time
1 Hr. 45 Min.
User Rating
  3.8  Stars Based on 3 ratings


A film by the Immortality Institute that explores various aspects of extreme life extension including cryonics (cryogenics), caloric restriction, transhumanism, and other scientific pursuits of extreme life extension.

Related websites: http://www.Mprize.org http://www.ImmInst.org http://www.gen.cam.ac.uk/sens/AdGbio.htm

Related topics include: Cryonics (cryogenics), anti-aging, caloric restriction, transhumanism, nanotechnology, technology, nanobots, immortality, Methuselah Mouse Prize, scientific conquest of death, longevity, fitness, health, population control, birth rate, death rate, rejuvination therapies, aging reversal, Aubrey de Grey, live forever, cancer research, technology, nanobots, research, gene therapies, disease, transplants, physics, chemistry, computers, computing, bioscience, nutrition, exercise, philosophy, sociology, politics, history, elixir, drugs, singularity, Ray Kurzweil, matrix, supplements, suspended animation, cryo sleep, scientific debate, MIT, Technology Review, Cambridge conference sponsored by Larry Ellison, overpopulation, 1000 year lifespan, thousand year lifespan, infant mortality, science breakthroughs, futurist, future, war on aging, medical, youthful, retirement, computer engineer, genetics, research, SENS.

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