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How Cancer Begins by Robert Weinberg

How Cancer Begins

by Robert Weinberg

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In this video lecture from MIT World, Professor Robert Weinberg gives a overview of adult cancer and how it develops over time. He charts the rise and fall of certain cancers in America over the past hundred years ago and attributes most of these changes to lifestyle rather than any genetic predisposition or environmental pollutant. He sees cigarette smoking and eating a high fat, red meat diet as the two most influential factors towards the rise of lung cancer, prostate cancer, and other cancers in America. He shows that it is much easier to dramatically reduce the likelihood of many cancers than it is to rely upon any form of cancer treatment. Professor Weinberg also shows the stages a tumor goes through before they become malignant and develop into cancer. This lecture is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in how cancer develops and how one might take action to prevent it.

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A little straight talk on cancer
Reviewer akreglow
 November 10, 2009
Robert Weinberg clearly knows a lot about cancer. The problem is that what he knows does not take you very far if you want to cure cancer.

Someone who really understood cancer was Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. who died in 2005. In 1963 Dr. Kelley discovered that he had metastasized pancreatic cancer.

The doctors did a series of X-rays that showed that he had lesions in his lungs, a huge tumor in his right hip, his liver was swollen to three times its normal size and it appeared that he had a pancreatic tumor that had metastasized very quickly. The surgeon said Kelley was too sick to operate on and told Mrs. Kelley (his wife and the mother of his four children) that he had 4 to 8 weeks to live.

Dr. Kelley went home and began researching cancer. He read that in 1906 a Scottish embryologist, Dr John Beard, proposed that pancreatic enzymes represented the body’s main defense against cancer.

In 1911 Dr Beard published The Enzyme Therapy of Cancer, but after his death in 1923 the theory was basically forgotten, especially with the advent of Marie Curie and her radiation work.

Kelley took the work of Beard and theorized that the formation of cancer was clear. Excess female hormones were responsible for changing a stem cell into a trophoblast cell. In simple English, this means that cancer is the growth of normal tissue, but at the wrong time and in the wrong place. It progresses because of a lack of cancer digesting enzymes in the body and Kelley believed the pancreas, through its enzymes, was the primary cancer fighter in the body. So his solution was to get pancreatic enzymes (freeze dried porcine pancreatic enzymes in capsules) to the cancer site and not only inhibit the growth, reverse the growth, but control the rate of attack, otherwise toxins would flood the body and cause all sorts of physical problems; high fever, chills, sweats, and other symptoms of a severe case of the flu.

Dr. Kelley went through his medical textbooks searching for some way of alleviating these symptoms and allowing the enzymes to work. The one thing that kept coming back to him was the coffee enema. For instance, he found that coffee enemas had been advocated in the Merck Manual from 1890 to 1977. When he reluctantly gave himself his first coffee enema he was amazed that within 30 minutes his temperature went from 104° to 99° and his muscle aches and pains resolved. It was then that he devised his on again, off again regime of taking the pancreatic enzymes, all the while taking 2 or 3 coffee enemas a day.

Dr. Kelley’s mother suggested the third part of his regime; change your diet from junk food to fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. This made sense as, while researching enzymes, he learned that cooking kills the enzymes that are in raw food, which are needed to digest the food.

Within months of following his regime his doctor pronounced Dr. Kelley cancer free and, by word of mouth, people with cancer or with loved ones with cancer came from near and far to get Dr. Kelley’s advice on how to overcome it.

While helping others cure themselves of cancer, Dr. Kelley discovered 12 different Metabolic Types, in which different people, because of genetic heritage and environmental factors have different requirements for vegetarian or carnivorous diets, raw and/or cooked.

Thousands of cancer victims are alive today because they followed Dr. Kelley’s cancer eliminating regime that he published in his “Do-It-Yourself” booklets, One Answer To Cancer and Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for The Different Metabolic Types (this booklet helps you discover your Metabolic Type and what foods are best for you).

Dr. Kelley's accumulated wisdom on cancer is available in his online book "One Answer to Cancer", at http://www.whale.to/a/kelley.html

Additional information on effective cures for cancer is available in the Files area of the CancerVictory Yahoo Group at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Cancervictory/. Particularly recommended is the document, "Critical Facts About Cancer Pointing to Effective Treatment.doc" in the CancerVictory Files.

Reviewer girijad83
 February 17, 2006
This was a very enlightening podcast for me, as I got to know the reasons that cancer develops in the human population. Bob is introduced as being the designer of the research building, which has been working successfully due to the design. As Bob takes over and starts talking, the problems with the microphone make him give some very amusing remarks which get the audience laughing.

Bob tells that cancer is not the result of industrialization; rather, it began 700 million years ago with the evolution of multi-cellular organisms. He gives an interesting example, telling that cancer has also been found in Egyptian mummies. He then goes on to explain how different forms of cancer are found in varying frequencies depending upon the geographical location and the existing population.

A very informative talk that left me astounded from the beginning. The audio and video were excellent, as you can expect from any other MIT podcast.

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  • Published: 2002
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