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Fundamental Questions by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Fundamental Questions

Real Revolution, Disc 1

by Jiddu Krishnamurti


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Running Time
1 Hr. 13 Min.


Krishnamurti’s talks in Ojai, California in 1966 are made available in entirety for the first time in this new ten-disc CD series. Here, he penetrates deeply into a variety of subjects, challenging the listener to investigate intelligently, without motive or preconception, into the “vast field of life”.

Disc 1: “First of all, sir, let us clear all the obvious things that bring about a conflict in man. War, nationalities, religious prejudices, racial prejudices. The aggressive, competitive urge to be better than somebody else, the position, prestige, and all the rest of it. Let's remove all that psychologically, inwardly. Then you'll find out for yourself whether there is such a state of mind which is really peaceful. Really clear. But to remove all the impediments requires tremendous awareness.” -J. Krishnamurti Ojai, California 1966, first Talk at Thacher School

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