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Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice

by Barry Schwartz


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Running Time
19 Min.
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  3.8  Stars Based on 4 ratings
Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less, discusses some of the observations he makes in his book in this talk from the TED conference. He argues that the vast explosion of choices in advanced capitalist societies has led to increased paralysis in terms of decision making and ultimately decreased satisfaction. He provides a number of examples to back up his thesis that more choice and individual freedom is not always best. This talk is available on streaming video and MP3 download from the TED.com website.

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Worth a Listen from Several Perspectives
Reviewer greglauer
 December 12, 2011
I think this is worth a few listens, each from a different perspective. To someone who is seeing how our government is getting more and more egalitarian / socialist / threatening, it's easy to see Schwartz as advocating removing our freedoms (one reviewer found this to be another assault on our freedom). To someone who is wondering why things don't seem to be as good as they used to be when we were younger, Schwartz offers a thoughtful explanation (another reviewer found it hits the nail on the head).

To someone listening with the intent on taking away some thoughts to ponder, you'll find that in abundance.

To someone listening with the intent of learning about marketing in a world of runaway choice, there's a ton to listen to, also.

In other words, even in a talk espousing the idea that too much choice doesn't free us, but rather imprisons us to our own expectations, there are so many choices on how to listen, which ears to put on, which audio / thought lenses to use, it would be easy enough to imprison yourself to a single perspective.

Do yourself a favor and catch this a few times, from different perspectives.

Just another assault on our freedom of choice.
Reviewer jsalas
 March 24, 2010
If Mr. Schwartz has a problem with making choices, I am more than capable of making them for him. I find it amusing how the elite have a problem with people having the opportunity to make their own choices. Socialist will not be satisfied until they are in control of all your life decisions. Of course the freedom of choice will not be applicable to them, and they would have the power to enforce their agenda.

... Barry Schwartz Hits the nail on the head!
Reviewer charisme
 April 28, 2009
Wow! A whole lot said, and so much common, plain to see common sense! Stuff I had been feeling for 10 + years! -- This is a discussion to keep, to share and to LISTEN too!
Charlotte in Santa Rosa CA

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