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Free Resource - July 28th, 2010
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Fareed Zakaria GPS Audio Podcast

Fareed Zakaria GPS Video Podcast

This is the weekly podcast of American author and journalist Fareed Zakaria's show on CNN "Fareed Zakaria GPS". In the show Zakaria provides commentary on global political and economic issues. He brings on many prominent politicians and experts confronting these issues and asks them important questions surrounding their views. In recent podcasts he addresses the war in Afghanistan, the global financial crisis, and numerous other issues and how the are being affected by American foreign policy. He interviews Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrook, economists Paul Krugman, economic historian Niall Ferguson, and a British Jihadi with whom he has an interesting debate. This podcast is great for anyone interested in hearing educated opinions on the latest in global politics.

Fareed Zakaria GPS Audio Podcast

Fareed Zakaria GPS Video Podcast

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The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad

More democracy means more freedom. Or does it?

American democracy is, in many people’s minds, the model for the rest of the world. Fareed Zakaria points out that the American form of democracy is one of the least democratic in use today. Members of the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve, institutions that fundamentally shape our lives, are appointed, not elected. The Bill of Rights enumerates a set of privileges to which citizens are entitled, no matter what the majority says. By restricting our democracy, we enhance our freedom.

Abroad, the spread of democracy has not produced a corresponding growth of liberty. We are seeing in many parts of the world, a strange creature—the elected autocrat. Zakaria calls for a restoration of the balance between liberty and democracy and shows how liberal democracy has to be made effective and relevant for our times.

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