Frances Mayes on Her Journeys as a Passionate Traveller


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Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

In this lecture delivered at the World Affairs Council, beloved travel writer and author of Under the Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes discusses her latest book A Year in the World: Journeys of A Passionate Traveller. This new book follows her travels with her husband in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Morocco and other countries after she quit her job as a professor to take up writing full time. Mayes discusses the primal instinct that she feels humans have to travel and explore their world, and how she doesn't really believe in the global village as every place she goes is so vastly different. She reads extensively from a passage in her book about her adventures in Fez, Morocco. It's a great lecture for anyone that loves to travel. It is available on streaming video from FORA.tv.

Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

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A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

The author who unforgettably captured the experience of starting a new life in Tuscany in best-selling travel memoirs expands her horizons to immerse herself, and her readers, in the sights, aromas, and treasures of 12 new special places.

A Year in the World is vintage Frances Mayes, a celebration of the allure of travel, of serendipitous pleasures found in unlikely locales, of memory woven into the present, and of a joyous sense of quest. An ideal travel companion, Frances Mayes brings to the page the curiosity of an intrepid explorer, remarkable insights into the wonder of the everyday, and a compelling narrative style that entertains as it informs.

With her beloved Tuscany as a home base, Mayes travels to Spain, Portugal, France, the British Isles, and to the Mediterranean world of Turkey, Greece, the South of Italy, and North Africa. In Andalucia, she relishes the intersection of cultures. She cooks in Portugal, gathers ideas in the gardens of England and Scotland, takes a literary pilgrimage to Burgundy, discovers an ideal place to live in Mantova, and explores the essential Moroccan city of Fez. She rents houses among ordinary residents, shops at neighborhood markets, wanders the back streets, and everywhere contemplates the concept of home. While in Greece, she follows the classic Homeric voyage across the Aegean, lives in a bougainvillea-draped stone house in Crete, and then drives deep into the Mani. In Turkey with friends, she sails the ancient coast, hiking to archaeological sites and snorkeling over sunken Byzantine towns.

Weaving together personal perceptions and informed commentary on art, architecture, history, landscape, and social and culinary traditions of each area, Mayes brings the immediacy of life in her temporary homes to the reader. An illuminating and passionate audiobook that will be savored by all who loved Under the Tuscan Sun, A Year in the World is travel writing at its peak.

Listen to a free sample of: A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

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