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Greatest Speeches in History Podcast


Free Resource (#950) - Nov. 25th, 2009
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Great Speeches in History Podcast

LearnOutLoud launched the Great Speeches in History Podcast three years ago and it has consistently been our most popular podcast. Our Great Speeches in History Podcast showcases classic speeches from great orators throughout history. Right now on the feed you'll find two special Thanksgiving speeches: Sir Winston Churchill's speech during World War II on "America's Thanksgiving" and a narration of Daniel Webster's Plymouth Oration. There are a number of other great speeches on the podcast and we promise many more in the future, so if you haven't yet subscribed to our podcast please do so!

Great Speeches in History Podcast

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Great Speeches in History

LearnOutLoud.com is pleased to present this collection of Great Speeches in History. This audio program offers speeches from a wide variety of thinkers and leaders. You will hear important statements made by philosophers, religious leaders, royalty, statesman, civil rights advocates, and more. We hope you enjoy this valuable way to listen to these great speakers in their own words.

* Pericles' Funeral Oration
* Socrates “In His Own Defense”
* Catiline’s Exhortation to Conspiracy
* Jesus of Nazareth’s Sermon on the Mount
* Pope Urban II Speech at the Council of Clermont
* St. Francis of Assisi's Sermon to the Birds
* Martin Luther Before the Diet of Worms
* Queen Elizabeth I Speech to the Troops at Tilbury
* George Washington’s Farewell Address
* Napoleon Bonaparte’s Farewell to the Old Guard
* Daniel Webster’s Plymouth Oration
* Frederick Douglass “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”
* Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
* Susan B. Anthony's Speech on Women's Right to Vote

Great Speeches in History

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