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Free Resource (#726) - January 12th, 2009
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A Quiet Mind Podcast

Listen to spiritual wisdom from Robert Jackson on A Quiet Mind Podcast. He's been podcasting for three years now and all of his podcasts are up on the feed. Each podcast confronts a different spiritual topic, in relation to our striving for peace, happiness, and fullfillment. Topics covered include numerous podcasts on meditation, breathing, managing anger, and breaking bad habits. Browse all these podcast episodes on LearnOutLoud.com.

A Quiet Mind Podcast

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John Selby Audio Downloads

John Selby is a psychologist, life coach and spiritual consultant who has developed a number of new techniques for consciousness management and short-form meditation. He is the author of over two dozen books with half a million copies in print. His current focus is delivering his new mind-management methods via experiential-audio guidance on the web, at http://johnselby.com. At sixty, he is actively teaching and producing new online programs, and also expanding into cell-phone delivery of his short-form meditation and at-work programs. His new books, TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MIND and EMPATHY ON DEMAND, aimed at the business community, follow his psychological QUIET YOUR MIND and spiritual SEVEN MASTERS, ONE PATH texts. He lives in Hawaii and teaches extensively in the States and Europe.

All titles available on MP3 Download.

Listen to free samples of: John Selby Audio Downloads

New Dimensions
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New Dimensions Media

For some of the best interviews with leading thinkers check out New Dimensions Media. For those of you not familiar with New Dimensions, you're in for a treat. The folks there have interviewed hundreds of authors, speakers and experts and produced a series of interviews that is quite remarkable. Some of the individuals interviewed include Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

There are some amazing interviews with people who you may not be as familiar with as well like Huston Smith and John Shelby Spong.

The interviews are about an hour long and cost only $4.95 a piece (that's about the price of a Starbucks latte these days!). We're going to be adding many more of these to the site in upcoming weeks and we encourage you to stock up on this stuff as it's fun to listen to and great for the soul.

New Dimensions Media

Elsewhere on LearnOutLoud.com...

Dan Millman rocks! One of our favorite authors is Dan Millman who wrote Way of the Peaceful Warrior. We're proud to be distributing a number of Dan's audio titles that you can't find anywhere else. Audiobooks such as Energizing the Body and The Twelve Gateways to Freedom are among our best-sellers. We love listening to Dan's material and know that you will too. Here's the link:


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