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Introduction to World Religions Podcast


Free Resource (#663) - October 8th, 2008
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Revealing World Religions Podcast

Revealing World Religions Podcast is offered by ThinkingStrings.com and features the narrated text of Revealing World Religions by Dr. Cynthia Eller of Montclair State University. This podcasted audio book features these 10 modules covering many of the World's Religions:

* Exploring Religion
* Hinduism
* Confucianism
* Taoism
* Buddhism
* Shinto
* Judaism
* Christianity
* Islam
* Religious Pluralism

All of these are currently available on the feed and work as introductions to these religious traditions.

Revealing World Religions Podcast

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Agape Love: A Tradition Found in Eight World Religions

The tradition of agape, or unconditional love, is not exclusive to any one religion. Actually, it is a major underlying principle found in religions worldwide. The concept of altruistic love is one that challenges the spiritual person to “love your enemies,” or to “love without thought of return.” It is a love that flows out to others in the form of compassion, kindness, tenderness, and charitable giving.

Buddhists have a path of compassion, where caring for others becomes the motivating force behind existence. Hindus have a branch of yoga, the heart-centered path, that leads to enlightenment through an overwhelming love for God that takes the form of loving all of humanity. Eastern religions, such as Taoism and Confucianism, see transcendent love as an essential part of true wisdom.

The Jewish faith carries the essential message of agape in this passage from Leviticus: “You shall not hate your brother in your heart... but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” — Lev. 19:17f.

This is very similar to the New Testament passage: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” — Matthew 22:39.

The universal theme of love is found in all religious traditions, whether Buddhist, Christian, Islam, or others. As we begin to realize that all religions have at their core this spiritual principle of love, we can develop a sense of common humanity. The religious tradition of agape love examined in this book will serve as an inspiration for those who are learning to grow in compassion and love for all people.

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: Agape Love

Karen Armstrong Audio & Video
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Karen Armstrong Audio & Video

Karen Armstrong is a former Catholic nun, historian, and English author best known for her non-fiction books on comparative religion. Armstrong became disillusioned with her faith after a visit to Jerusalem in 1984 and subsequently changed her beliefs to reflect the idea that all the the main religions are fundamentally the same.

Armstrong's first book, Jerusalem One City, Three Faiths, was based on her comparative religion views and was published in 1996. Since that time her focus has shifted to Islamic issues and some credit the author with bringing a more objective view of Islam to European and American audiences. Armstrong's insights into the Islamic faith along with her connections to Bill Moyers, the United Nations, and the U.S. Congress have made her a popular speaker.

For an introduction into Armstrong's works, try the audio book download of The Bible A Biography, in which the author discusses the history of the world's most powerful book in captivating detail. Armstrong also offers readers a portrait of Asian religion in Buddha, which is conveniently available for audio download. Her live presentation of The Future of God, also available in audiobook download format, explores Armstrong's ideas on how our concept of God has evolved and what it will mean to us in the future.

Karen Armstrong Audio & Video

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