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James Tabor Interview on the Jesus Dynasty


Free Resource - June 8th, 2010
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The Jesus Dynasty

In this interview conducted at the Grace Cathedral, author James D. Tabor gives listeners a hard look at his efforts to pare down the mystery that surrounds the historical Jesus and his followers.

A specialist in the surviving documents of early Christianity, Tabor takes apart the accepted facts surrounding Jesus' life. Here he introduces the notion that Christ's Brother James may have been the first man to spread the gospel and refers to evidence that claims the apostle Paul altered the original message. This talk is available from the Grace Cathedral Forum on streaming audio & MP3 download.

The Jesus Dynasty

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The Jesus Dynasty: A New Historical Investigation of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity

Based on a careful analysis of the earliest Christian documents and recent archaeological discoveries, The Jesus Dynasty offers a bold new interpretation of the life of Jesus and the origins of Christianity. The story is surprising, controversial, and exciting as only a long-lost history can be when it is at last recovered.

In The Jesus Dynasty, biblical scholar James Tabor brings us closer than ever to the historical Jesus. He sheds new light on Jesus' relationship with John the Baptizer, the role played by his brother James, and how Paul's ministry transformed Jesus' message into what would become Christianity.

James Tabor has studied the earliest surviving documents of Christianity for more than 30 years. He reconstructs for us the movement that sought the spiritual, social, and political redemption of the Jews, a movement led by one family. The Jesus Dynasty offers an alternative version of Christian origins, one that takes us closer than ever to Jesus and his family and followers.

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