John McCain on Charlie Rose: 1997-2007


Free Resource (#669) - October 16th, 2008
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John McCain on Charlie Rose: 1997-2007

Senator John McCain has been interviewed over a dozen times by Charlie Rose since 1997. We've select the 10 most significant interviews and featured them in this free resource. This set of videos provides an excellent portrait of McCain over the past 10 years. Here are some of the key interviews:

  • In the 06/03/1997 interview, McCain told a riveting story of his experiences as a soldier and POW in Vietnam.
  • In the 07/28/1999 interview, McCain laid forth his 2000 presidential campaign platform addressing political cynicism and corruption, and how to rid Washington of the special interests that contribute to both Democratic & Republican parties and control the American political process.
  • In the 09/17/2001 interview, McCain discussed preparations for a war with Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks.
  • In the 09/24/2002 interview, McCain gave his reasons for supporting the upcoming war with Iraq.
  • In the 04/19/2004 interview, McCain spoke with Charlie Rose about the difficulties of the Iraq War.
  • In the 08/20/2007 interview, McCain laid forth his platform for his 2008 presidential campaign, focusing on fighting Islamic terrorism, winning the war in Iraq, cutting government spending, and dealing with climate change.

    These interviews provide an interesting history of the changes in American politics over the past 10 years and how Senator John McCain has confronted these changes. These streaming videos are made available through CharlieRose.com and Google Video.

    John McCain on Charlie Rose: 1997-2007

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