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Jon Beacham Discusses the Founding Fathers and Religion


Free Resource (#757) - February 24th, 2009
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American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation

Newsweek editor and historian Jon Beacham discusses America's historical treatment of religion in this lecture provided by The Miller Center of Public Affairs. The author notes that the founding fathers were deeply aware of how many great nations fell apart due to religious sectionalism. In an effort to mitigate this problem and yet allow everyone in the country the freedom to worship, Beacham traces how giants like Jefferson, Franklin and even Lincoln implemented decisive policies on American religious life that we still argue over today. This talk is available on MP3 download and streaming audio and video.

American Gospel

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The Sacred Contract of America: Fulfilling the Vision of Our Mystic Founders

You might think there's no place for spirit in politics, but Caroline Myss reminds us that our founders initiated a divine contract when they created this nation. One that honors the natural laws of the human spirit. On The Sacred Contract of America, she expounds on her idea that we are individually contracted to fulfill a destiny, and shows us how countries, too, possess agreements as part of our planet's evolution. With this groundbreaking new recording, she sends out an urgent call for us to reconnect with America's original vision of freedom and liberty, and invites us to explore:

-How your Sacred Contract is woven into that of our nation, and how this knowledge empowers you to be a conscious citizen
-Why our Constitution is in serious jeopardy, and what each of us can do to save it
-The twelve archetypes of America, including the Mystic, the Entrepreneur, and the Rebel and the historical figures who represented them.

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: The Sacred Contract of America

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