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Lama Surya Das on Buddhism


Free Resource (#494) - February 11th, 2008
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Authors@Google: Lama Surya Das

In this hour-long talk from Authors@Google, American Buddhist teacher and bestselling author Lama Surya Das gives a multifaceted discussion on Buddhism and Bodhisattvas in contemporary life. He discusses the path of overcoming ignorance and awakening to one's true self, along with many other central teachings in Buddhism. He emphasizes that one doesn't need to become a Buddhist or follow a creed in order to take the path to enlightenment, and that Buddhism is more of an ethical philosophy and a personal journey rather than a religion. This talk is available on streaming video from YouTube.

Authors@Google: Lama Surya Das

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Buddha Is As Buddha Does: The Ten Original Practices for Enlightened Living

Of all the Buddha's teachings, perhaps his greatest gift can be found in "the Bodhisattva ideal," a template for living in the world as an "Awakener," a servant of the highest good for all. With his previous bestsellers including Awakening the Buddha Within (300,000 copies sold; Broadway, 1997), American-born Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das has made the helpful, healing insights of the Buddha accessible to millions. Now, with Buddha Is As Buddha Does, he helps listeners to discover:

* How to become a Bodhisattva, a peacemaking spiritual warrior, an embodiment of wise compassion in action
* How to actively practice the ten paramitas in daily life: generosity, ethics, patience, energetic effort, meditation, wisdom, skillful means, higher aspiration, powers, and pristine awareness
* The Seven Jewels of the Bodhisattva: Faith and Devotion, Self-Discipline, Discriminating Wisdom, Charity, Learning, Honesty, and Modesty
* Inspirational lessons from history's legendary Bodhisattvas including Tara, Avalokitesvara, and Manjushri--plus contemporary examples of enlightened action based on the realization of the oneness of all life.

"As long as there is suffering in the world, there is spiritual work to do," explains Lama Surya Das. "We are the Bodhisattvas, the future Buddhas of this world." With Buddha Is As Buddha Does, listeners will experience the fruits of the Buddha's greatest lessons.

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