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Learn French with Alexa


Free Resource (#925) - October 21st, 2009
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Learn French with Alexa Podcast

Learn French with Alexa is a fun french-language learning series of Podcasts designed for absolute beginners. With an enthusiastic style, Alexa bring 15 years of experience to a system that starts with hello and goodbye and carefully moves students further into more advanced territory. If you choose to subscribe on her site after listening to these free episodes, you not only continue the lesson plan but also get access to video and text supplements.

Learn French with Alexa Podcast

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French PDQ

Learn French quickly with this popular MP3 language course. Ideal for beginners to the language, it will have you speaking, writing and understanding basic French in no time! Focusing on developing essential French phrases using native speakers it’s the perfect introduction to the French language.

About Linguaphone PDQ:

The ideal introduction to a new language, our popular beginner PDQ language course is now available to buy as an MP3 download. This fun-and-easy to use course is packed full of exercises and tests and is available in 10 languages. Perfect for preparing for your next holiday or business trip, this course will help you quickly learn over 500 new words in your chosen language.

So what are you waiting for? Download one of our MP3 language courses today, and you’ll be speaking a new language in no time at all!

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: French PDQ

Linguaphone Audio Downloads
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Linguaphone Audio Downloads

Linguaphone is a publisher & retailer of over 80 self-study language learning programs in over 25 languages with courses that combine CDs, Cassettes, Audio Downloads, CD-ROMs, & Guide Books. Their language learning methodology varies from course to course but it usually involves listening to native speakers of a foreign language while following a transcript of what they're saying, understanding the meaning of the spoken language, and then speaking the new language with correct pronunciation.

Their PDQ entry level courses come in 10 languages, and they're also designed for travelling & holidays abroad with four 60-minute CDs and a guide book teaching you your first 500 words of a language's vocabulary. The PDQ courses are now available on audio download through LearnOutLoud.com and feature a supplemental PDF guide book.

Linguaphone also features more comprehensive language learning. Their allTalk series in French, Spanish, & Italian contains 16 units on CD or Audio Download and these programs are designed so you can listen & learn on the go without any text books to guide you. LearnOutLoud.com is excited to be offering a number of their courses directly on audio download.

Linguaphone Audio Downloads

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