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Master Public Speaking with the Columbian Orator


Free Resource (#755) - February 20th, 2009
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The Columbian Orator

Master public speaking with the classic work on oratory: The Columbian Orator edited by Caleb Bingham and published in 1797. This book contains many rules of oratory as well as dozens of great speeches throughout history. Widely used in American schoolrooms in the 19th century, this book was highly influential on many famous American speakers including abolitionist Frederick Douglass and politician Horace Greeley. The works of oratory included in this volume can be downloaded individually and include:

* Oration on Eloquence
* Speech in Congress, 1789 (Washington)
* Speech of a Roman General (P.Emilius)
* Exhortation on Temperance in Pleasure (Blair)
* Judah's Plea for Benjamin before Joseph (Philo)
* Plea on behalf of Thomas Muir (Muir)
* On the Starry Heavens (Hervey)
* Paper, a poem (Franklin)
* Speech before the Roman Senate (Cato)
* Dialogue between Duellist, Savage, and Mercury
* Speech of an Indian Chief
* On the Creation of the World (Blair)
* Lines Spoken by a Little Boy (Everett)
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1766 (Pitt)
* Scene from the Farce of Lethe (Garrick)
* Eulogy of Dr. Franklin (Fauchet)
* Epilogue to Addison's Cato
* Self-Conceit, an Address by a small boy
* Dialogue between Howard and Lester
* Christ's Crucifixion (Cumberland)
* The Wonders of Nature (Hervey)
* Dialogue on Physiognomy
* Oration at the Festival of Gratitude (Carnot)
* Address to the President of the United States (Adet)
* President's Answer (Washington)
* The Oppressive Landlord, a Dialogue
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1770 (Mansfield)
* On the Day of Judgment (Davies)
* Christ triumphant over the apostate Angels (Milton)
* Slaves in Barbary, a Drama in two Acts (Everett)
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1770 (Pitt)
* Plea Before a Roman Court (Socrates)
* Dialogue on Cowardice and Knavery
* Speech in the British Parliament (Sheridan)
* Extract from an Oration against Catiline (Cicero)
* Description of the first American Congress (Barlow)
* Speech of a French General (Buonaparte)
* Reflections over the Grave of a Young Man (Hervey)
* Scene from the Drama of 'Moses in the Bulrushes'
* Speech of a Roman General (G. Cassius)
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1784 (Erskine)
* Address to the People of the United States (Washington)
* Dialogue on the Choice of Business for Life
* Speech of a French General (Buonaparte)
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1777 (Pitt)
* Dialogue between School-master and School Committee
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1770 (Pitt)
* On the general Judgement Day (Dwight)
* On the Works of Creation and Providence (Hervey)
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1778 (Fox)
* The Conjurer, a Dialogue (Everett)
* Speech in the British Parliament, 1775 (Pitt)
* Speech of the Caledonian General (Galgachus)
* Modern Education, a Dialogue
* On the Existence of God, a Sermon (Maxcy)
* The Dignity of Human Nature (Burges)

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The Columbian Orator

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