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Philosophers Notes Podcast


Free Resource (#728) - January 14th, 2009
Today's Free Resource

PhilosophersNotes Podcast

Subscribe to and download this brand new podcast from PhilosophersNotes.com. PhilosophersNotes founder Brian Johnson takes you through key pieces of wisdom from some of the best personal growth books out there. In these podcasts he provides quotes from Henry David Thoreau, Eric Butterworth's Spiritual Economics, Richard Koch's The 80/20 Principle, John Eliot's Overachievement, and Brian Johnson's very own thinkArete manifesto. Be sure to subscribe to this great podcast for the start of a new year.

PhilosophersNotes Podcast

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Philosophers in 90 Minutes
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90-Minute Philosopher Series by Paul Strathern

The 90-Minute Philosopher Series is a series of audio books by Paul Strathern, each presenting a concise account of a philosopher's life and ideas, explaining his influence on man's struggle to understand his existence in the world. Each is a brief but authoritative interpretation of a great thinker. Each audio book last approximately ninety minutes and can be listened to again and again for reviewing a philosopher's main ideas. These audio books cover ancient philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, and modern philosophers such as Descartes, Rousseau, and Kierkegaard. Download an audio book from the 90-Minute Philosopher Series today.

90-Minute Philosopher Series by Paul Strathern

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