Presidency of Andrew Jackson


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Andrew Jackson

The ongoing historical interpretation of President Andrew Jackson has been a source of great controversy among scholars over the last few decades. In this lecture presented by The Miller Center of Public Affairs, eminent historian H.W. Brands considers the pros and cons of Jackson's presidency and addresses the stigma attached to anyone that may regard him in a positive light. This lecture is a great opportunity to learn about a man that many consider to be the first president of the modern era. This title is available on MP3 download and streaming audio from the Miller Center of Public Affairs.

Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times

The most famous American of his time, Andrew Jackson is a seminal figure in American history. The first "common man" to rise to the presidency, Jackson embodied the spirit and the vision of the emerging American nation; the term "Jacksonian democracy" is embedded in our national lexicon.

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