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Ray Kurzweil on Nanotechnology


Free Resource (#367) - August 8th, 2007
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Our Bodies, Our Technologies

Ray Kurzweil (inventor, technology guru, and author the of new best-seller "The Singularity is Near") paints a fascinating portrait of the next 30 years in this downloadable lecture released by WGBH. Here the author explains how advancements in nanotechnology and life science will greatly improve human longevity, biological health and quality of life.

Using what he feels is a highly reliable chart of human and technological evolution, Kurzweil touches on changes that will not only affect our bodies, but our whole concept of self! This lecture is ideal for anyone interested in biology, cutting edge science, and metaphysical philosophy. It is available on MP3 Download and streaming audio & video from the WGBH Forum Network.

Our Bodies, Our Technologies

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