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Spanish Phrases for Beginners


Free Resource (#934) - Nov. 4th, 2009
Today's Free Resource

Spanish for Beginners Podcast

The Spanish for Beginners podcast with Maria Fernandez is a thorough solution for anyone that wants to begin learning Spanish but doesn't know where to start. Each episodic lesson is broken down into an audio or video feature on dialogue, and this is supplemented by a wide range of flaschard drills and text supplements to aid in your comprehension. Hosted by an enthusiastic teacher with 15 years of experience, this podcast is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive free spanish resources available. Start learning Spanish today!

Spanish for Beginners Podcast

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Spanish PDQ

Ideal for beginners to the Spanish language, our popular PDQ course will help you learn Spanish quickly before your next trip to Spain. Focusing on basic everyday Spanish phrases, talking with the locals will become second nature when you buy this Spanish MP3 language course.

About Linguaphone PDQ: The ideal introduction to a new language, our popular beginner PDQ language course is now available to buy as an MP3 download. This fun-and-easy to use course is packed full of exercises and tests and is available in 10 languages. Perfect for preparing for your next holiday or business trip, this course will help you quickly learn over 500 new words in your chosen language. So what are you waiting for? Download one of our MP3 language courses today, and you’ll be speaking a new language in no time at all!

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: Spanish PDQ

Linguaphone Audio Downloads
       Featured Provider  

For a long time we've been wanting to add some high quality language learning courses to our site, and we're very pleased to now be offering Linguaphone Self-Study Audio Courses for the first time on Audio Download. Linguaphone is a world-leading provider of self-study and classroom-based language courses that have been helping people successfully learn a new language for over 100 years! Linguaphone's listen/understand/speak methodology goes beyond Pimsleur courses and other popular language learning programs by engaging listeners with native speakers who teach through story-lines for added interest and are accompanied by written materials for maximum comprehension and correct pronunciation. Check out over a dozen courses we currently offer on audio download:

Download Linguaphone Language Learning Courses

We currently feature their PDQ series & their allTalk series of language learning courses on audio download. For starters we feature their PDQ entry level courses in 10 languages. These courses are designed for beginners to a language who want to learn the basics of communicating in a foreign language and for people who are traveling or spending holidays abroad. Each PDQ course features 8 units for four hours of audio learning along with an accompanying full color supplemental PDF book to follow along with. The PDQ courses are offered in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish. Download one of these courses today:

Download a Linguaphone PDQ Language Course

The next set of courses we offer are the most comprehensive all-audio language learning courses currently available on audio download. Linguaphone's allTalk series features 16 hours of language learning on audio where you will learn starting from a beginner/basic level of speaking and advance to a high-intermediate to low-advanced level of speaking. The allTalk series follows a story-line for enjoyable comprehension and before you know it you'll have mastered 3000+ words of vocabulary. The allTalk series is available in French, German, Italian, & Spanish. These are Linguaphone's best selling courses and they are the ultimate way to learn a language while on the go:

Download a Linguaphone allTalk Language Course

You can check out also audio samples from all of Linguaphone's titles:

Browse Linguaphone Language Learning Courses

Good luck with learning a new language and let us know if you have any questions!

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