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Theologian Matthew Fox on Creation Spirituality


Free Resource (#713) - Dec. 18th, 2008
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A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity

Controversial religious firebrand Matthew Fox details his ideas for a New Religious Reformation in this lecture delivered at Cody's Books. When he found himself expelled from the Dominican Order by the man would become the latest pope, Matthew Fox emerged to become one of the most visible proponents of the Creation Spirituality movement. Drawing from a deep knowledge of theological history and taking Martin Luther's example to heart, Fox envisions a modern religious shakeup that will acknowledge a more varied society while remaining true to religious truth. A must for anyone interested on how religion is coping with new 21st century challenges. This talk is available on streaming video from FORA.tv.

A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity

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Radical Prayer: Love in Action

With 24 books in print, including the bestseller "Original Blessing and "Creativity: Where the Divine and Human Meet", perhaps no one is more qualified than Matthew Fox to offer a curriculum on using the power of prayer to change our world. In a major publishing event, this passionate speaker and writer presents "Radical Prayer", his audio opus on prayer--the "utterance of our hearts." This compelling 6-session course covers: what prayer is, and why it works; recovering the sacred masculine and feminine; exploring the "dark night of the soul"; "deep ecumenism"--lessons from history's great mystics in every tradition, and more.

Available on MP3 Download.

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Joel Osteen Audio
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Joel Osteen Audio

Joel Osteen is the American author of myriad self-help books describing how Christians can live up to the Bible's ideals. The senior pastor of Houston Texas' Lakewood Church, Osteen is also a prominent televangelist whose broadcasts are viewed by over seven million people throughout the world.

Osteen's father was the founder of Lakewood Church and a Baptist pastor himself. In 1999, Osteen's father died, leaving Joel to take over as pastor, though he had delivered only one sermon in his lifetime. Despite his inexperience, Osteen excelled at preaching and his ministry continued to grow. He began writing books based on his teaching and his first book, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential, was published in 2004.

Osteen's preaching style, which focuses on God's love rather than the effects of sin, has been heavily criticized by the Evangelical community. He has also changed his position on whether a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, sparking criticism from Michael Horton who remarked that Osteen's teachings were Christian heresy. Despite the criticism, Osteen and his ministry have achieved worldwide success. He was named the Most Influential Christian in America by The Church Report and continues to broadcast and publish his views of Christianity.

For an inspiring Christian motivational manual, try Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now, available on audio download. Also available on MP3 format is It's Your Time, Osteen's manual on raising expectations and your hope for a better future. Finally, there is Your Best Life Now, available as an audiobook on download or CD, which shows readers how to reach their life goals and lead a more rewarding life.

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