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This American Life NPR Podcast


Free Resource (#540) - April 16th, 2008
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This American Life Podcast

This popular weekly hour-long public radio program is now being podcasted. Hosted by Ira Glass, the show consists of various "acts" or segments which center around a particular theme. This week's show is entitled "Leaving the Fold" and its theme is: "Stories of people leaving the situation they're used to and striking off for something less familiar". In Act 1 you'll hear the tragic story of Jerry Springer as he went from being a talented & idealistic progressive politician in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio to become the global king of trash talk show television. In Act 2 you'll hear about a Jewish couple that gave up their faith after walking a long distance to a New York Rangers hockey game. And in Act 3 you'll hear about a group of nuns who sought to reach out in public service to contemporary society, but were broken up by the Catholic Church and couldn't maintain the structure of their public service outside of the convent. This show is available to download as a podcast through next Monday until their most recent show is put up on the podcast feed.

The This American Life radio archives features streaming audio of almost all their previous shows dating back to 1995. Previous shows can also be purchased as downloads on iTunes for $0.95 or on CD through their website. Enjoy this podcast produced by Chicago Public Radio. You may want to subscribe to this one.

This American Life Podcast

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