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Free Resource (#996) - February 16th, 2010
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Robert Dallek: One on One

American historian Robert Dallek joins One on One host Katherine Lanpher to discuss his book Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power in this interview from Barnes & Noble Media. Dallek illuminates what he's learned from pouring over thousands of recently declassified documents and tapes of President Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. While Nixon and Kissinger slandered each other behind their backs, they generally agreed with each other over the foreign policy direction of the United States in the early 1970s including their policies over the Soviet Union, China, and the Vietnam War. Dallek found a number of surprising conversations in his research including Nixon and Kissinger's cynical discussions about the Vietnam War which they saw as unwinnable, and yet remained in it to "save face". This talk is available on streaming audio and MP3 download from Barnes & Noble's website.

Robert Dallek: One on One

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Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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The Gordon Skene Sound Collection & my new site Newstalgia are here to help put history and current events into perspective. Some things never change, some people never change - only the names and situations and outcomes. Sometimes history consists of the same set of events and circumstances over and over until the lesson is learned or the methods changed. Some things never change and some things are destined never to be the same again.

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Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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