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Free Resource (#973) - Jan. 12th, 2010
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25 Life Purpose Lessons from Sounds True

Just in time for the New Year, Sounds True has launched a wonderful new section of their site that features 25 Life Purpose Lessons to help you grow in your passions, your career, and your wealth in the coming year. With 5-15 minute audio lessons from Sounds True's best business & wealth teachers such as Rick Jarow, Mark Albion, John Mackey, Fred Kofman, and Vicki Robin, these 25 life lessons will propel you into 2010 with vision & motivation. They've thoughtfully divided these lessons up into three sections. Here are the 25 lessons divided up by section:

Vision, Passion, and Purpose

* 1: Sense of Calling
* 2: Accessing Your Ideal Life
* 3: The Ideal Day Exercise
* 4: Finding Work That Matters
* 5: Your Sacred Contract
* 6: A Spiritual Vocation
* 7: Finding Your Perfect Job
* 8: Happiness Is Your Birthright

Consciousness at Work

* 9: Conscious Capitalism
* 10: Conscious Business
* 11: Speaking the Truth<
* 12: Stewardship
* 13: The Power of Presence
* 14: Nonviolent Communication
* 15: The Power of Collaboration
* 16: Servant Leadership

Money, Abundance, and Manifestation

* 17: Manifester Consciousness
* 18: Experiencing Sufficiency
* 19: An Abundance Meditation
* 20: The Art of Manifestation
* 21: Increasing Abundance
* 22: What's Money Got
* 23: Mantras for Abundance
* 24: The Dark Side of Money
* 25: Financial Wellness

Enjoy these 25 lessons from Sounds True! Please Note: These lessons are streaming audio only and not downloadable.

25 Life Purpose Lessons from Sounds True

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Are you ready to Think and Grow Rich? Napoleon Hill's classic book has helped thousands of people become financially independent. We're proud to announce that for the first time ever, Think and Grow Rich and other titles by Napoleon Hill are available for download. These audiobooks are ones you'll listen to over and over again. Check out the following links for more information about how you can be one of the first people to own the downloadable version of Think and Grow Rich and other Napoleon Hill titles.

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