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World Peace Meditation


Free Resource (#761) - March 2nd, 2009
Today's Free Resource

World Peace, Love and Harmony Meditation

Start your week with a free download of a 20-minute meditation on world peace, love, and harmony. Patrick Porter, Ph.D. leads you on this guided visualization meditation with soothing music. The meditation provides many affirmations for achieving inner peace and for visualizing your participation in creating peace in your world. This title was published through our TeachOutLoud service and is available on free MP3 download.

World Peace, Love and Harmony Meditation

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Peace in the World

We have made the world as we are. Self-transformation is the only place to really start changing the world. The mind has to be relaxed, peaceful and one-pointed for any worldly or spiritual achievement. Compassion allows us to see and feel as others do and to live harmoniously with them. There are many things we do not see or understand when we are disturbed. When we are peaceful and relaxed, we see more clearly and receive answers. Joy, peace, freedom and love come from within; these are unconditional treasures.

“Peace of mind does not depend upon outer conditions. Nothing can give you peace of mind except you, within yourself.”
—Swami Amar Jyoti

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: Peace in the World

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