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Podcast 2

Digital Flotsam Podcast

Digital Flotsam Podcast

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An audio variety show that's pleasing to the mind.

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Reviewer J.E.
 February 17, 2006
The Digital Flotsam podcast is hard to categorize. Each episode follows the same format, but the topics are so vastly different from each other that it's hard to come away with a general idea of what the host is trying to do with the show.

I listened to a couple episodes and have to say that I wasn't overly impressed. First of all, probably about 50% of the show is just music. The host talks for a bit, there is a musical interlude, then the host talks again, then more music, etc. Second, the host chooses totally random topics and just goes on and on with his opinion. One show focused on how he and his friends liked to play with matches when they were younger. Another show focused on the author Stendhal. See? Totally random. I didn't find his comments or musings very insightful, either. Overall, I won't be listening again.

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  • Published: 2002
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