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Napoleon 101 Podcast

Napoleon 101 Podcast

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Set up like a college course, the Napoleon 101 podcast is a valuable introduction to the life and exploits of Napoleon Bonaparte. Hosts David Markham and Cameron Reilly bring to the table a lifelong fascination with France's legendary 17th century leader, imparting the nitty gritty details of his life with rare enthusiasm. With this indepth overview you can finally learn who Napoleon was, what he tried to do, what he accomplished and why his character has fascinated historians for almost 200 years.

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Reviewer khanyo
 June 07, 2012
Thanks Cameron for this useful exploration of the extraordinary life of Napoleon. I have really been looking far and wide for interesting listening on Napoleon and could not find anything that compares to your podcast.
The show is definitely "rescued" by Cameron from becoming a sterile apology for Napoleon, which is would be if Markam had his way. The murder of 1000's of Muslims after surrendering in the Lavant during the Egypt campaign is a good example of Cameron bringing some objectivity. Markam sadly and illogically justifies this crime.

I am at episode 22 now, and will definitely continue through to the end.

great podcast while working at the studio
Reviewer iameggnest
 November 16, 2010
Im really enjoying this podcast of Napoleon. You guys are awesome, and funny! I listen to it while I draw or paint and its inspiring and informative at the same time. Thank you!

- Ernest from Brooklyn, NY

Napoléon 101
Reviewer DanielSZ
 January 21, 2010

The Bad
The audio level is extremely variable due to bad miking and post-process engineering, it is an amateurish production.
Markam, a blow hard, just can't shut up, usually interrupting guests, e.g., he challenged Sorbonne educated Dr. Philip Dwyer whose Volume 1 of two planned in a Napoléon biography is now in print, on virtually every statement.

Markam is not currently employed as an educator and brags about his drinking ("medicine") on almost every episode.
Markam comes across as a jerk --saying "write that down to Cameron" as if he were armless. Markam: a totally unlikable very thin-skinned guy!

The good
I listened to all 54 episodes, quite a few several times, because their off the topic digressions made it difficult to make sense of things.
It did spark my interest in Napoléon and I have started reading about him, Englund first followed by Dwyer I and II (when it is available).
Cameron comes across as a much nicer guy and to my way of thinking is the glue which holds the series together. He seems always prepared and quotes from other sources, although he must put up with a complaint for doing so from the author of "Napoleon for Dummies" (read Markam). Cameron is the person who developed my interest.

The ugly
I posted essentially these comments on their site and they purged them.
Listen to this series, put up with it, then definitely get an informed second opinion, by reading a reliable source.
There is way too much opinion presented as historical fact and what if games and LOTS of factual error caused by a presenter who thinks that drinking and history go together.
Markam is especially close minded about Napoléon and will tolerate no statment which doesn't portray Napoléon as a combined Saint and Genius.

Too much gushing.....
Reviewer CalPatrick
 January 02, 2010
I had to quit after a couple of pod casts. The hosts meander quite a bit and can't seem to get to the point. They also spend a lot of time gushing about their love of Napoleon. A little more preparation, a little more discipline and a little less time spent on Napoleon worship might make this a great deal better.

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