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Traffic and Leads Podcast

Traffic and Leads Podcast

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One-Click Lindsey is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads. Join One-Click Lindsey as she interviews the industry leadings experts in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogging and more. Make sure you listen in if you're ready to generate more traffic and leads for your small business.

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  • The Importance of Blogging
    Mon, Feb 19, 2018

    Matt Watson is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is the owner of the developing software Stackify, shares with us the best marketing strategy for software companies, as well as the importance of blogging and how he is getting the traffic and leads to sticking with the right traffic generation tricks.


    • Who Matt Watson is, and what exactly it is that Stackify does. A software made for hardcore developers, Matt explains that they have customers all over the world that use their tools, and use them to know when their applications aren’t performing. What sets them apart from the rest is what they’re software is dedicated to. Stackify is more focused on developers and what they want to do, while other products are born out of monitoring production servers.
    • Matt shares with us his organic traffic generation, and the best traffic and leads generation strategies he’s developed over the years of trial and error. Their customers are software developers, and Matt struggled on how to reach them and make traffic and leads. In the end, they decided to create a free tool called Prefix, one of the features of their paid product and made a free product out of it. Because of it, over the last 18 months, they’ve had 20,000 people download that tool through organic growth!
    • From there, Matt explains to us the kind of content marketing he uses in order to successfully execute his software marketing strategy. His customers all have one thing in common, which is the fact that they use Google for their problems. So, his construct was understanding that persona, and learning how to reach them. While it’s a trial and error process, they still hold themselves to what the customer acquisition cost is, and make sure everything meets that criteria. Overall, it’s about understanding what the ideal customer looks like. When they do advertising, they make sure to tailor those things in order to get the highest conversion rate.
    • Matt explains the importance of blogging and explains for him, his best traffic generation tricks come from the success of their blog posts! They publish new blog posts every single day, started by a blog post made nearly a year ago that gave them 40,000 visitors a month. After that, they doubled down on it, putting an enormous amount of effort into blogging. That work turned 40,000 people a month into 500,000 people a month.
    • While they still make sure their blogs are optimized, Matt specifically states that everything they do is still based on organic traffic generation. He says that they don’t want to publish content that doesn’t drive traffic organically to the website. They, instead, want ongoing traffic, and evergreen traffic. Through that mindset, they only keep content that gives them the traffic they’re looking for and removes the content that does not work for them.

  • Live Event Marketing
    Mon, Feb 12, 2018

    Vanessa Shaw is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. She is a business coach and creator of the Boutique Business Model. She gives people a foundation to build on when it comes to working business models, and she helps and encourages all business owners to achieve their ideal goals by working through what it takes to get them in charge.


    • All about who Vanessa Shaw is, and what she does when she works out of Phoenix, AZ. Her focus is primarily on business owners who are typical experts in what they do, but who aren’t experts at growing a profitable and scalable business. Through there, she helps them focus on honing in on what they do best, instead of handling a jack of all trades mentality.
    • Vanessa shares with us her number one strategy to get more clients—live events! With her company, Vanessa hosts multiple events throughout the year and has discovered that after the initial engagement, there’s nothing that can take the place of being in a room with someone, and teach them about the expertise. Because of it, she’s been using live events for the past 5 years, mixing it up with bigger events (an annual live event for 200 business owners), and a smaller, more “intimate” style (events with 12 - 30 attendees).
    • Vanessa shares with us the ways she uses marketing to get the word out about her events, using her recent “Bold Women In Business” event as an example. Though they do run Facebook ads, use local media print, and use an e-mail list, for certain things Vanessa finds that word of mouth and letting people talk to each other to spread the information is a wildly successful tactic in getting people to sign up for her events.
    • With one big three day event a year, Vanessa divulges the multiple strategies she uses in order to get the word out about the event, and how to build the client list to what the goal needs to be. She also warns people to be patient! Big events take longer to sell out than smaller ones, and marketing through the day before the event is the best thing to do in order to achieve success.
    • When starting off in the event building world, Vanessa advises us to start small! Anyone that wants to do workshops/events should first attend some and see what people are doing. From there, you can iron out what you need in terms of content, offers, moving people into programs, managing crowds, technology, etc. There’s a lot of moving parts in the marketing, so work out the basic model first, and you’ll find that it’s easier to scale up from there with lessons learned.
    • Vanessa walks us through the three main components that go into planning and launching a successful event and tells us the steps and processes necessary to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. In her own words, Vanessa refers to planning an event as a “game of nerves”, but with practice, she believes anyone can nail it!
    • In the end, Vanessa wants people to walk away from her events feeling something positive. In her words, “if you don’t come to work with us, you’ve still got the tremendous value that you can apply to your business”, meaning that people can still learn and take away so much from these events, even if they don’t become clients. Education based marketing is the key, and it’s what Vanessa strives for.

  • In House Marketing Team Vs. Agency
    Tue, Feb 06, 2018

    Lindsey Anderson known as One-Click Lindsey is the host and guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Today, she is sharing the answer to an important question people use to ask her so many times. How to handle marketing for my business. What I choose between In-House marketing team vs. agency.


    • The pros and cons that come with hiring a marketing agency versus keeping it in house and hiring from within the company. And, honestly? You can succeed, either way, there’s no question about it. You just have to consider which option is more feasible for you, especially if you don’t have as much money to test things out.
    • First, I talk about the pros and cons of keeping it in house. The pros revolve around the fact that you’ll automatically be settled with product and company expertise by hiring someone who works there already, as well as time saved on having to learn the ins and outs of what the company is all about. From the get-go, this person is fully immersed in what they’re doing! However, the cons do revolve around the cost of hiring them for an additional job—you have to consider the funds you’ll be spending, and if it’ll be worth it if there’s not a lot of productivity coming out of what’s being planned.
    • When in doubt, I suggest you hire an agency—a month or two into the process, it’s like they’re apart of the team, anyways! The cost might be something to consider as a con, as well as the lack of familiarity when it comes to hiring outside of the company, but finding just one person on your team to do the job of what an agency can do together is going to be a hard task to complete, trust me!
    • Next, I get the questions you should ask a potential marketing agency you’re looking to hire. The details are explained, but the basics are as follows—what is your process, who is on your team, who will be working on the account, what is your process for communication with clients, what analytics do you track—and of them, which metrics should be followed closely to make sure the agency is doing their job to generate traffic and leads—and what’s the expectation of ad spend. Those cover all the bases you’ll want to discuss, and double checking is never a bad idea!
    • Lastly, I go over what to expect from an online marketing agency. And, honestly? It depends on ad spend, and what the client is willing to work with in terms of their budget. Together, you can come up with a plan that works for all parties involved, and just remember—be patient! Online marketing is a lot like planting a garden, you need to plant seeds within the first few months before flowers start growing and you can reap what you sow. Give it time, and you’ll see results—I promise!

  • Best Offline Marketing Strategies
    Mon, Jan 29, 2018

    Kevin Donlin is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Kevin created Client Cloning Systems to help entrepreneurs and businesses alike get more clients that mirror the best clients they’ve already got. He is an online and offline marketer, and he’s got the best strategies in order to keep you on top of your marketing game.


    • Who Kevin is, and why he thinks online marketing is just as important as offline marketing. In his words, they have to work together in order to have a cohesive marketing plan and to get the most clients you possibly can.
    • From there, we talk about how Kevin “invented” the method of the “printed e-mail”. In a sense, it’s exactly what it sounds like—it’s a printed off version of an e-mail that you’ve already send, or are planning on sending, and you send the hard copy to your prospects. Kevin himself says he sends out new brand ideas every month on how to take marketing to the next level. Commitment!
    • Kevin gives me the choice of letting him explain his top 3 marketing tools: The Sales Focus Finder, the One Thing Scorecard, and The Sales Conversation starter. We start with the Sales Conversation starter, in which Kevin explains the importance of making cold (and warm) phone calls to people who will listen, as it’s a top way to increase your sales in a quick and efficient manner.
    • On average, Kevin says that calling people first thing in the morning warrants a 20 - 50% success in reaching them. If you can generate a list of 25 to 50 phone calls of people you already have a relationship with, you’re halfway to boosting your sales!
    • In the end, when the sales conversation starts, you need to have three things—you need to have a reason to call, you need to have something to say, and you need to have the desired outcome. In Kevin’s words, “you win some, you learn some”, and there’s nothing to be lost by making these calls in the first place.
    • Lastly, we touch upon the One Thing Scorecard, in which Kevin explains his method of getting something done at least once a day. With the motivation to better the business by doing something seemingly small for an extended period of time, you’re building yourself—and the business—up for something bigger and better. It’s well worth it in the end!

  • Facebook News Feed Update and Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018
    Mon, Jan 22, 2018

    Lindsey Anderson known as One-Click Lindsey is our very special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Yes, It's me and today I'm doing a solo episode. A one on one with the audience about a lot of things that sprouted recently—most notably, an announcement from the CEO and creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. This week, I’m here to calm down the fears you might have when it comes to the Facebook news feed update.


    • All about the new Facebook controversy. As simply put as I can, the new update states that Facebook is going to be making a “major change” to how the social network is built to make the site better for people’s well being. Facebook’s product teams will now prioritize helping users have more meaningful social interactions versus finding “relevant content”, and Facebook says that users will see less public content from businesses/publishers and more posts from their friends/family/.
    • With that knowledge in mind, I tackle what the change really means for businesses owners, and why—honestly?—you’ve got nothing to worry about! Marketing isn’t free, after all, and the sooner that we accept we have to pay for advertisements, the easier this change will be. I also get into a new concept Facebook is toying with to rectify this change—two separate timelines that separate the personal and familial posts from the posts of businesses you’re following, and content they’re promoting.
    • Overall, Facebook is just going back to what they originally were. There’s only so much room in your newsfeed to see what you want to see, and you won’t be able to see every status. Facebook’s algorithm needs to be smart enough to choose what you see, and Facebook thinks you’d rather see updates from family. After all, they want you to be interacting first, and to show you more people you openly interact with.
    • I also discuss the future of Facebook ads with this new change, and how—in the future—it’ll be hard for a novice to go in and make money because it is competitive and it is complicated.  Facebook is heading in the direction of hiring someone to do ads for you instead of doing it at it alone.
    • From there, we get into the top marketing predictions! First, we talk about the rise of “bots”, and—more specifically—artificial intelligence. AI is helping them make a more personalized interaction with customer service and other marketing places in your businesses, especially when it comes to Facebook bots.
    • Secondly, we touch on “stories”. They’re used to social media platforms—Instagram, Facebook, and now YouTube—as a way to capture the best moments from your day to day activities that are set to vanish within 24 hours. This function of a temporary nature creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) among people because they know they can’t go back and watch it later. This’ll really important coming into 2018, regardless of the feeling of disappointment knowing that your content will live for such a short amount of time.
    • Next, I discuss the use of voice. Things like Alexa and Google Assistant are already popular, and eventually, they’ll start helping even more with marketing. Being able to use something like that to connect you with local businesses in times of need will only up to the digital marketing game!
    • Lastly, I talk about the use of professional live video, and why video is really important for small businesses. It’s one of the best ways for people to engage with your brand—I’ve used it for quite some time, as well as encouraged nearly every client of mine to do the very same. Additionally, the use live video is important so people can see authenticity in your brand, and not be stuck with a business script over and over again.

  • Create A Profitable Online Store
    Mon, Jan 15, 2018

    Maxwell Finn is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is a Facebook Ads expert but today he talks to me about how to build a 6 figure eCommerce store in just under a year! So loads of experience and even more top-notch tips for you to follow if you want to make your eCommerce store successful.


    • The basics of starting an eCommerce store, with some wise words from Maxwell. He warns us that too many people are focused on starting an eCommerce store to make money quickly and that you need to have a brand and a reason for the said brand before you start thinking about what you’re building. After all, you wouldn’t jump into making a business without some planning first, right?
    • Maxwell tells us about his good friend, and one of the best people in eCommerce, Ezra Firestone! He explains to us the now popularized business model that Ezra introduced him to that he now follows as well, which falls along the lines of “you start with a story, you start with content upfront”.
    • Maxwell also shares with us that 98% of people that visit your website for the first time don’t convert, a statistic that’s true across the industry as a whole! With that knowledge in mind, Maxwell tells us his two-step process when it comes to starting with advertisements, and the pitfalls to avoid when you’re trying to climb your way to the top.
    • Maxwell warns us that, as a business owner and an eCommerce owner, you need to understand that you’re not going to be able to compete with the price, speed, and efficiency of larger companies. However, you can compete with the brand, storytelling, and customer service side of the tracks, and regals us with ways in which to succeed by focusing on customer interactions.
    • Maxwell talks to us about the system of retargeting through ads, and how to create the perfect audience for your target through a system of allowing people to fall out of the funnel, and using the remaining audience to create content that’s more specifically catered to the audience that’ll become your core source of traffic.
    • Through this, Maxwell shares his three-step process on retargeting and using Facebook (and social media) advertising as a way to cultivate a growing relationship with many potential influencers. He also tells us about the messaging service he uses, Many Chat, and how it plays into the way his communication and advertisement works out.
    • Lastly, Maxwell reminds us to engage with quick, short questions through a messenger, as opposed to “ad hacks”, and detailed stories. By giving them a chance to say “no”, this method shows a lower unsubscribe rate, giving you a chance to build your profile on users so you can tailor messages to them.

    • Cold Market Prospecting
      Mon, Jan 08, 2018

      Alex Schlinsky is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is the founder of the popular and incredibly successful site, Prospecting On Demand. Alex talks to us about what prospecting really is, and how it’s important when it comes to the search for your important and qualified leads.


      • What Prospecting On Demand does, and how Alex defines the term ‘prospecting’. In his words, the company is a family, and a community, that work together to help marketers and entrepreneurs grow their business. They teach them how to utilize effective prospecting and sales system, and they stress importance how to do services first, and getting leads second.
      • According to Alex, prospecting means going out there and creating opportunities to create leads for business. Together, we talk about what marketing as a whole is, and how prospecting fits into that puzzle in order for true success that details how you’re going to convert and get leads for your business.
      • Alex breaks down prospecting into two categories: inbound lead generate, and outreach prospecting. He explains the differences between the two, which methods work best for each, and explains that anything related to generating leads directly has to do with prospecting.
      • Alex explains the major two steps of prospecting, saying the first is understanding your customer avatar. After all, you have to understand who your ideal customer is, and who you’re working with, in order to successfully sell to someone. The second is not only ensuring that you understand the avatar, but that you utilize effective methods in order to reach out to them!
      • We get into the details of cold e-mailing, and the ways in which it’s successful (and, in Alex’s words, better than cold calls). E-mails, he says, are less abrasive than phone calls, and offer a better opportunity for people to work with you in the future. Plus, through e-mails, you can get a phone call, and through that secondary call, you can earn a sale.
      • Alex also gives us a variety of ways to get e-mails to use in your endeavors, stating that while scouring the internet is a possibility, it’s not your best bet. Luckily! Prospecting On Demand offers a tool that scrapes leads off the internet for you. What a convenience!
      • Lastly, Alex leaves us with the ideas of people who do outreach successfully, versus those that do not. He states that it’s about going the step beyond, and thinking about what you can offer in the follow-up stage that makes you different from the rest. It’s important to think about and is crucial in getting leads interested in working with you.

      • How to Use Quora for Marketing
        Mon, Jan 01, 2018

        Derric Haynie is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is CEO for Vulpine Interactive—a social media marketing agency—he helps exciting companies and startups build contagious brands that become so much more than social media based posts.


        • Who Derric Haynie is, and what he does with Vulpine Interactive. He gives us the details on what the company does, and how they keep the root of their assignments within keeping close to the customers, and understanding their behavior, as well as helping them understand the buyer’s journey. It’s all about controlling everything around you, not just your social media.
        • He explains that you need to treat your website before you focus on things like Facebook ads, or any other kind of social media ads. You need to focus on understanding your customers better, and you need to make sure you have a product that’s proven to sell before you try to “buy” traffic. Look internally to make sure you’re ready for investment.
        • Derric gives us a bit of an inside scoop towards what he’s doing to ensure that customers know social media marketing agencies aren’t fraudulent. He’s putting together a video—as well as blog content—that’ll make sure business owners know what they’re looking for, and making sure they’re asking the right questions.
        • Derric tells us all about the world of Quora, which he describes as an “improved yahoo answers”. The social media site functions as a reinvented question and answer platform and combines search engine intent with social media components. Derric tells us the ways you can use Quora for your backlinks and traffics, as well as the pitfalls to avoid when using the site for the first time.
        • Lastly, Derric tells us how Quora’s paid advertisement system. He explains that, though it’s different from other social media ad strategies that we’re used to, that it holds a world of promise. You can target audiences by targets and keywords, and you can even create custom ads for specific questions, both of which provide backlinks to your landing page! It’ll draw the results you’re looking for. Trust us!

        • How to Get More Clients as A Coach, Consultant or Trainer
          Mon, Dec 25, 2017

          Justin Devonshire is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast.  Justin is the owner of the amazing Expert-Business Blog. We talk about tips and tricks on how to multipurpose your marketing materials, the value of quality over quantity when it comes to advertising, and how to get ahead in the rapidly-expanding consulting and coaching industries.


          • Who Justin Devonshire is, what he does, how he’s learned his way around marketing, and how he’s helped to turn so many businesses around with his advice. He speaks about getting ahead in the coaching industry and the value of building relationships with clients.
          • He expands on how to get ahead in a growing and fast-paced industry. Systems, tools, and techniques can work for any coach, but what’s most crucial to your success is your mindset. It’s important to stay ahead of the game and look at the tools that successful industries are using to expand their reach. The quicker you adapt, the sooner you’ll see improvement.
          • Justin also emphasizes the importance of content marketing. It’s less important, he says, to “pummel” people with adverts, but instead to work on building relationships with your audience. Putting out content is necessary, but put out content that best shows who you are. Demonstrate your specialties—show your audience that you’re the best at what you do.
          • In addition, know quantity is not always better than quality when it comes to your content. Instead, focus on the quantity of your viewers. Justin weighs in on the importance of repurposing your content across multiple platforms. Start with the medium you excel at and then repurpose it. He gives the example of video-making. You excel at making videos start there. You can move on to have that video transcribed, make audio files, cross-post, make it more accessible to everyone!
          • Lastly, Justin talks about the importance of being yourself. At the end of the day, what builds the best relationships between you and your clients is authenticity. When you’re raw and authentic, it builds trust and rapport between you and those interested in your services. Regardless of the quality of your content, he says, it is you and your personality that has the greatest impact on your client base. Be there, be present, and be true to yourself and your audience.

        • The Challenges of Custom Software
          Mon, Dec 18, 2017

          Bryan Weinert is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Bryan works for Incipient Corp, a company that creates and produces custom software and applications for business. They work with clients to make sure products are usable and functional, and stick with them all the way through beta testing.


          • Who Bryan is, and what his company can do for you. He explains that he works with clients through product development life style, starting at the beginning with conceptualization—and helping them define a product—to validate their assumptions before going to market so the execution is successful. He also explains that they full custom software development for both web based apps and mobile apps.
          • Bryan explains the process of how he works with customers step by step, starting from the beginning. He explains that the first step involves helping the client identify what the problem is that they’re solving—is it a niche problem or is it a core problem?—and from there, they ask “is that problem being solved by anyone else, and if so, how are they solving it, and what will you do in your approach to differentiate from them?” This helps people become focused on the product they’re fostering.
          • He also explains the importance of having a business goal, and using your foundation to implement technology into the equation. According to Bryan, a lot of people miss this alignment, and that’s how time and money gets lost! You want to research how other companies are managing consumer behavior to drive conversions, and how you can ensure your system does the same.
          • Bryan says they definitely care about getting customers, and that they’re process falls to ensuring that they’re validating the personas they’re assuming (much like marketing personas). They do the same with the product, and create a beta group (research and development group). From there, you can leverage that community to do AB testing to determine the usability of what you’re marketing.
          • Bryan tells us how to balance user interface and user experience, explaining the importance of what it looks like to sign up, defining a successful sign up, and building up prototype suited for testing. He also explains how smoothly (and quickly!) things can run, and how to leverage those users to get feedback.
          • Bryan stresses the importance of having an e-mail and newsletter that goes out to all the users that thanks them for the feedback, showing them all the points you covered that came in from them, and including the community in the process of evolving your product. Letting them know they made a difference is important!
          • Finally, Bryan leaves us with three things you need to know, and need to have, for your journey into technology: 1) you’ve validated a tremendous amount of your assumptions, 2) you understand technology at a high level, and 3) you understand the difference between open source and closed source technologies. Once you’ve got those down, you’re ready to rumble with the rest of them.

        • Social Media Content Curation
          Mon, Dec 11, 2017

          Joe Cotellese is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is the creator, and founder of an amazing marketing app called Sharey. During our talk, he tells us about what his app can do to help you increase your leads, and about the ways in which he reaches out to a wider audience with the content he creates and curates. Let’s get started!


          • All about who Joe Cotellese is, and where he started from, and what brought him to discovering his amazing new app, Sharey. He also goes into detail about what people can expect when they use the app, and what the app can do for social media marketing, and traffic that comes back to your website.
          • He tells us about his beginnings, and his reliance on the very popular site LinkedIn. He says that’s where most of his core audience comes from, and expanding from beyond there and using that as a foundation for social media marketing really helped put Sharey on the map.
          • Joe talks with us about the add-ons he uses to make effective and efficient cold calls (and cold e-mails) to people who have, sometimes, never really had a chance to connect with him. He brings up Buffer, a tool that lets you batch posts across all social media accounts you’ve got connected, that helps him diversify the content he posts, while still maintaining a daily posting average.
          • Joe also talks about two other very useful tools needed for his ventures, Hunter.io and MixMax. Hunter is a site that allows you to find e-mail addresses for business domains, allowing you to get into contact with people quick and easy! MixMax is a Google Chrome add-on that does a variety of things, Joe describes it as a “swiss army knife” for Chrome, and that Joe uses for tracking his e-mails and automating responses for those who don’t answer right away. Talk about efficient!
          • Joe ends with stressing the importance of social media content curation, and the advantage of curating content around the same subject matter that you’re writing about. It gives your audience different perspectives and pulls away from a “me me me” narrative. He also discusses the “5/3/2” approach to his posts, a popular antic that encourages 5 posts from other people, 3 posts from you that are relevant to your audience, and 2 posts that are more personal in nature. Using social media to humanize and put a face behind the content helps more than anything. After all, you’re buying from people, not Facebook pages.

          • User Generated Content Marketing
            Mon, Dec 04, 2017

            Lorraine Ball is our very special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast.  She is Owner of Roundpeg—a digital company that works with small businesses on a variety of things, from web design to e-mail marketing. Today she is talking about the importance of user generated content marketing.


            • What it is Lorraine thinks are the most important things to start with when it comes to user generated content. She speaks of OPC—standing for “other people’s content”—and expresses that soliciting information from the people that love you helps expand your message and lets you reach a wider audience in a shorter amount of time.
            • Lorraine also emphasizes the importance of asking questions, stating that—at a minimum—you should be asking for reviews on Facebook and Google. Not only do people love good reviews, but search engines do, too!
            • Lorraine gives us a few examples in recent pop culture where people are creating a foundation and structure for their work based on user generated content, and interaction across social media. In her words, “you can’t fake authenticity”, and reaching out to a wide audience like this can ensure that the content you’re getting is a real as it can be.
            • While Lorraine encourages us to try and get testimonials from the people who love and support us, she also notes that when you’re the busiest, you’re able to focus on what you’re doing. For an example, she tells us about the automated system they’ve set up with Roundpeg, where e-mail addresses go in, and campaigns go out. Just like that! She also encourages us to get creative, and to not be too surprised if the results you get are a little different than expected—after all, different can be good, too!
            • Lastly, Lorraine reminds us that social media is about the ego—people share content with the purpose of being noticed, and returning that favor to people you work with, and fans of what you do, is just one of many ways to encourage them to follow along and give you the same traffic you’re giving them.

          • Emailing Your List Daily
            Mon, Nov 27, 2017

            Kai Davis is a very special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. That’s right—Kai is back. He is a marketing educator for freelancers and small business owners. Today, he is sharing the importance of emailing your list daily in your search for positive audience engagement, as well as traffic to your website, and your business.


            • All about the wonderful world of Kai Davis. On top of helping independent business owners get more clients and leads without spending more money on traffic, he writes and generates his own daily e-mail newsletter, which is targeted towards freelancers and consultants.
            • Kai tells us the beginnings of his e-mail endeavors, and why switching from a weekly e-mail system to a daily e-mail system really helped his morale, and the angle he was going for. Kai explains that he loves stimulating conversations with his audience, and the switch helped him to be more present in people’s inboxes, as well as helping him to improve his critical thinking process when it comes to the freelancing/consulting/small business owners.
            • We talk about the ways that Kai comes up with topics for his e-mails, and he explains that there’s nothing wrong with taking ideas and inspiration from personal and real-life events. Thinking about how to make those moments educational is what really helps him! He also explains that the more people engage with him—and vice versa—the easier they come, and implementing the survey system he uses to gauge his audience for feedback—as well as sparking intelligent conversation—gets him ahead of the curve.
            • Kai talks about the nuances that come with the official title of ‘writer’ and explains to us why he’s never truly felt as if he belonged in that category. He explains how to go about feeling more comfortable on that skin, and how people can help themselves improve their own writing skills. He also discusses the fall-off rate of his subscribers when making the switch from weekly to daily, and how it affected the way he does business, and why he really doesn’t mind.
            • Kai dispels the thoughts that many writers tend to have surrounding the frequency of daily content, and he explains that the audience you have that signs up to receive said content are doing so because they want to hear from you! He also goes on to explain that, while daily e-mails are great for the kind of angle he is going for, it’s not always a perfect fit, and diving in head first if you’re unsure isn’t always the best thing to do. Practice makes perfect, after all.
            • Lastly, Kai and I discuss the fact that, on the homepage for his website, he advertises his daily e-mail newsletter first, while letting the podcasts and articles come in a very drastic second. We talk about it and how this affects him in terms of search engine optimization, and if it actually makes people visiting his page more angry, or put off, than eager to see his content.

          • SaaS Sales Strategy
            Mon, Nov 20, 2017

            Joshua Waldman, the CEO, and president of Billy Inc. tells us all about his amazing software service. Together, we talk about what exactly Billy Inc. does, where the idea for the company came from, and how Josh works to get traffic to his page, what SaaS sales strategy he uses, as well as how efficiently he helps the people who sign up. Let’s get started!


            • Who Joshua Waldman is, and how he got started in this business. He also tells us how he came into the hands of Billy Inc., and the goal he’s looking for when setting the application up; he’s trying to bridge the gap between easy to use software for everyone, as well as sophisticated software small business owners can trust to keep their private financial information.
            • Where Billy started from, Denmark! A Danish company, Josh tells us about the move the company made just a few years back to the United States, looking for a more international front, and how much luck (and success!) they’ve had with plenty of years of groundwork and processing to work with. He also tells us about the various roles he plays in the company, from sitting in the CEO’s chair to analyzing and controlling the marketing aspect of the company.
            • Josh talks to us about the details of the traffic he gets to his page, going into what contributes to people clicking around on the site for even just a moment. We talk about the “free trial” offered on the homepage of Billy Inc. as well, discussing what exactly it offers, and how it leads people into giving the company their e-mail addresses for later use, and later contact.
            • Josh breaks down his trafficking ideas into a three step system: 1) he focuses on traditional content making that’s less focused on the business and more focused on the customers, and how they can appease their audience, 2) Josh talks to us about the very popular “groupon for nerds” (in his words!) App-sumo, and how using the site and offering deals to a variety of people has boosted their traffic immensely so, calling it a “turning point” for the company, and 3) he explains the importance of product reviews and tells us the various, well-known sites he uses in order to get Billy Inc. on the map of people who use similar software but aren’t enjoying their time as much as they could be.
            • Lastly, Josh leaves us with a good bit of advice regarding the way people think about their small businesses. Calling it “three box thinking”, he encourages us to not think about just what you and your customers' needs, but to think about what your customers' customers need, too. You have to think about how to help their customers get paid and to help them with their business in order to truly be successful. That’s what Billy Inc. is all about, after all!

          • Online Marketing for Your Coaching Business
            Mon, Nov 13, 2017

            Jessica Yarbrough, the owner of CEO Babe, as well as a veteran of online marketing for over a decade, is a hardworking business coach that helps people, specifically women, get back on the metaphorical horse and turn their income around.


            • What exactly it means to be a business coach, and what Jessica can offer to each group of people she works with. She stresses the importance of leveraging your own skill set in order to create a high-end business, as well as how she approaches businesses in order to make sure they’re garnering the income they need.
            • Jessica dispels some myths with us as I ask her what there truly is to be afraid of in the marketing industry. She also discusses how to take your program to the top, starting with reach out to your circle of influence and selling to them first before reaching out to others. This, she says, is the best way to get a lot of feedback.
            • We talk about Jessica’s brand, and how she started with one idea and, after just under a year, decided to change the angle she was going for. CEO Babe, once Mompreneur, is something that Jessica wants to represent ambitious and strong business women who are looking to get their foot in the door and three steps ahead of the curve. She shares with us the passion she has for her vision, and what people can expect from working with her.
            • Jessica also talks with us about the webinars she hosts, as well as the tips and tricks she gives through her website in order to help people find success with her coaching career. She tells us the various services she offers, as well as the price range people can expect to see and gives us a rundown of what’s to come in the next year or so.
            • Lastly, Jessica offers us parting words of wisdom by encouraging us to believe in ourselves. The beginning of a good business relationship is having the courage to think and know that you’re capable of doing great things, and from that point on, you’ll be able to tackle the stuff that seems too hard to conquer.

            • How to Get Booked
              Mon, Nov 06, 2017

              Halley Gray is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. She is the creator of Evolutionary Marketing and evolveandsucceed.com. Today she is sharing with us what it means to offer services online, and how optimizing what you do and marketing what you’re good at can get you booked out clients in just a few months.


              • All about Halley Gray, and what exactly her website and business can do for you. She expresses the importance of making sure that people offer services first, explaining that finding your niche and what you’re good at is the best way to generate interest. The better you are at something, the more likely it is that you’ll find success.
              • How to launch and market your services, and the best way to go about finding what it is you want to do, and what you’re going to specialize in. Halley talks to us about the steps she takes in order to make herself, and her team, marketable. With an emphasis on hard work and communication, Halley gives us the best ways to showcase what you’ve got, and how to get the information out there as efficiently as possible.
              • Halley discusses the idea of offering courses before services, and she explains to us why she thinks it’s a bad idea. You want to give yourself time to build up revenue and a good, strong foundation. We talk about the ways to generate client interest based on your services, first, followed up by what you can do afterward once you’ve found yourself in a reliable position. She also explains to us the ways to find your “niche” -- pick a person, pick a problem, and specialize on fixing that problem.
              • Halley explains to us how to focus on what you want to do, and the logic of it all, as opposed to letting your feelings get in the way. She expresses that the best way for people to succeed is, to be honest with them about what works, and what doesn’t. Though people might describe her as abrasive, she does it with the best intentions!
              • Halley gives us the details on what she does with evovleandsucceed.com, telling us all the services they offer and how they manage to book out people so quickly, and for long periods of time. She also gets into the details of what you can do, and what you can offer, to various clients while utilizing a waitlist.
              • Lastly, Halley talks about the importance of using a wait list, as well as discussing the ways clients can show their availability online. She also expands on why she thinks wait lists are such a good idea, and the best ways to utilize them, as well as making sure customers are still satisfied along the way.

            • Social Media Content Strategy
              Mon, Oct 30, 2017

              Melinda Wittstock is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. She is founder and CEO of Verifeed.com. Today she is talking about what is the best social media content strategy and how she creates authentic social content to get best outcomes.


              • Who Melinda Whitstock is, and what she does with the company Verifeed. She tells us what Verifeed does, describing it as ‘social media 3.0’, and how they use authenticity to propel themselves forward in a sea of people shouting into the technological void. She also tells us how important it is to pay attention to the audience you’re targeting, and how to benefit from creating a connection with them based on their own social interests, and the things they choose to share.
              • Melinda explains the plans Verifeed has for next year, with the impressive line-up for a mobile phone application that’s rooted in the ways of harnessing artificial intelligence. She explains how it’ll work, a rough date for when it’ll come out, and how exactly the A.I. will play into creating and generating automated content for the user, and the consumers.
              • All about the authenticity score, a process Verifeed uses to focus more on what business owners can do for their customers, as opposed to a more self-centered approach they often see. Melinda explains how the process works, telling us how it can increase the ROA of the business, and how the algorithms they use help the company work with people to get their score higher, as well as tying in the effects of social media back to the bottom line (such as traffic, revenue, etc).
              • Melinda gives awesome tips on the best ways to go about interacting with customers, urging us to treat them just like normal people. Taking an interest in what they’ve got to say, what they’re sharing, and asking the right questions helps the customers feel safe and more relaxed (Melinda says consumers are 92% more likely to trust a regular person over a business/brand to influence what they purchase!)
              • To round it out, Melinda tells us about a program she’s starting with a group of 13 entrepreneurs that aims to help launch fellow entrepreneurs up in the business world, and what the program completely entails for the people who qualify

            • Facebook Advertising Insights
              Mon, Oct 23, 2017

              Zach Spear is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is a Facebook ads manager, as well as a stellar copywriter. Zach and I have worked together many times before to generate the best results possible for a variety of clients.


              • All about the world of Zach Spear, head of Spear Media, Facebook ads manager, and a rockstar copywriter. He explains what it is he does, and we discuss together the ways he’s helped not only me, but a variety of clients across the board
              • How to get the most of your Facebook ads experience, and why Zach thinks Facebook is the best medium to use in order to gain profitable traffic, and the best results you’re looking for.
              • How to navigate the complex algorithm that Facebook ads has to offer, and why sometimes using things like Facebook ads without knowing what you’re getting into can be detrimental to the process. Zach tells us the secrets that Facebook holds, and how to best unlock them.
              • Zach tells us about his role as a copywriter and how the title and the work plays into ad revenue. He and I also have a conversation about what to do when you’re in need of help to zest up your ads, a situation we’ve been in together many times before! We also discuss the ways to get into copywriting, quelling fears and rumors people might have and have heard.
              • Lastly, Zach talks to us about the statements that Facebook has made saying that ad space is both running low and will be discontinued. He tells us why he’s not worried at all, and why he believes such a move will never happen based on the sturdy foundation the business class has established on the powerful social media website.

            • Effective Webinar Presentations
              Mon, Oct 16, 2017

              Dustin Mathews is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. He is the owner of Speaking Empire. Speaking Empire helps you enhance your presentations skills. He also wrote a book with Dan Kennedy, called No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations.


              • The origin story of Dustin Matthews and Dan Kennedy, and how they started working together. Dan Kennedy is an elusive, guarded guy, but Dustin had been making an investment in Dan for some time—enough of an investment to get Dan’s attention.
              • A bit about his day-to-day job: running Speaking Empire. It’s a company that exists to help people like you deliver the message that they have inside them in an awesome, unforgettable way.
              • The power of demonstration. Dustin actually turns the entire podcast into a demonstration—and I didn’t even realize he was doing it until he said so!
              • The structure of a great persuasive presentation. Yes, Dustin walks us through the five core components of a persuasive presentation in detail! Those five components are Intro, Story, Offer, Body, and Close—and he breaks them all down in detail.

            • How to Get Backlinks
              Mon, Oct 09, 2017

              Chirag Kulkarni is our special guest in today's Episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Today we're talking all about link building. This guy knows his stuff. We work together to break apart a lot of the terminology that's used in SEO and put it into words we can all grasp.


              • Chirag starts us off by explaining what link building is, what backlinks are, and why you want them. Pay close attention here if this is new info for you – it's the foundation of learning how to rank high on search engines.
              • I get Chirag to unveil some of his secrets and talk about the top two strategies anyone can use to get excellent inbound links to your site. These aren't general tips – they're actionable steps you can take to getting those links. Be sure to take notes, because this is good stuff.
              • Chirag and I talk all about guest posting: how you get a chance to guest post on someone else's site, what it can do for you, and how to handle potential pitfalls and hurdles.
              • I ask Chirag all about how he and the Taco Agency processes clients. How transparent are they in their dealings? Turns out, the answer is “very”. Chirag warns all about black hat techniques that certain people use to rank higher, and why it's so crucial to keeping away from them.
              • We talk about an approach that Chirag used a year ago to get more speaking gigs, and how it's a perfect example of needing to stay up on your advertising strategies. In short: Chirag used a method that worked until it didn't. You never know when your strategy will up and take a hike – his story is a perfect example of why you have to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

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