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Find Your Dream Job Podcast by Mac Prichard

Find Your Dream Job Podcast

by Mac Prichard

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Find Your Dream Job is a podcast for professionals who are looking for new work, meaningful employment, and an opportunity to make a difference in life. Listen to the podcast to learn how to: enter the labor force, jumpstart a stalled career, compete in a crowded job market, write a better resume, ace a job interview, uncover the hidden job market, improve your networking, use social media to find a job, work with a recruitment agency, discover location-independent jobs, write a killer cover letter, find a new profession, negotiate a salary raise, start a DIY career, become a digital nomad, find government jobs, get work in the nonprofit sector, succeed in business, start a new career, transition to a new job, strengthen your professional brand, find freelance gigs, join the sharing economy, connect with a recruiter, move up the corporate ladder, conduct an informational interview, explore remote work opportunities, improve your work/life balance, navigate employment applications, move into a new industry, land a nonprofit job, build your portfolio, showcase your job skills, optimize your LinkedIn profile, become self-employed, make professional contacts, become a contractor or consultant, avoid unemployment, make more money, love your job, and make a difference in the world. Hosted by Mac Prichard, Ben Forstag, and Jenna Forstrom. Intro and exit music by Freddy Trujillo. Mac's List is an online community in Portland, Oregon, connecting job seekers with rewarding work since 2001. On Mac's List you will find more than 400 jobs, internships, volunteer and event listings each week, as well as a blog, podcast and other resources with actionable advice on finding meaningful work. Learn more about Mac’s List and Find Your Dream Job at http://www.macslist.org.

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