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The History of Rome Podcast by Mike Duncan

The History of Rome Podcast

by Mike Duncan

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After five years of podcasting The History of Rome Podcast, host Mike Duncan has completed the entire history of the rise and fall of the Rome. In his 179th and final episode he talks about the journeys through Roman history that he has taken in the podcast. This podcast is one of the most highly rated podcasts on our site with many glowing reviews. All 179 podcast episodes are up on the feed. Get hooked on the history of Rome!

The History of Rome Podcast is a chronological attempt to trace the rise, decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Starting with Rome's founding by the mythical twins Romulus and Remus, this series hosted by Mike Duncan is an ongoing account of the people and events that shaped the western world. A must for any student of history and an invaluable resource for anyone that needs a ground level survey of the Roman Republic.

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Fascinating and entrancing
Reviewer andyashton
 July 09, 2012
1. Mike Duncan's delivery soothing and relaxing, and yet holds the attention rapt. I love his voice and the strage juxtaposition of his American accent with Roman names.
2. His descriptions, put in a modern idiom, of the problems the Romans faced bring it all to life.
3. He interweaves the military, the political and the economic forces at work in Rome to describe the motivations of the leaders.
4. the History of Rome is a rattling good tale!

I now look forward to long jourenys in the car. Every episode is a delight. Makes AHOW sound like Steven Hawking reading out the phone book.

love this show
Reviewer Roena
 May 23, 2012
I'm about 1/3 of the way thru and love it. I can never get the url for the website though--it's read too fast for me to catch the word that comes before dot-com.

Great History
Reviewer gregmcd0606
 November 28, 2011
1.) Mike Duncan is fun to listen to.
2.) the history of Rome is fantastic. I discovered HoR podcast when Mike was at about #90 or so. I listened almost full-time and was very disappointed because I thought he had stopped. I went back online and found the next series of installments and have been totally hooked since. If you never liked Roman history, but thought it was something you should know (like me) then this is the greatest way to get it.

Thanks Mike!!

Who knew?
Reviewer quinnibuck
 April 25, 2011
This podcast has kept me fascinated for days. I find I look forward to listening to "The History of Rome" much more that watching T.V (Yes...even N.C.I.S). Michael Duncan does a wonderful job using humor and knowledge to make this a memorable experience.

comment about the "death" of Latin
Reviewer figari65
 February 14, 2011
I just finished listening to episode 91 (April 2010). You were reading comments from listeners.
One question was when did Latin die out?

Latin is not dead. At several universities in Rome you can still take exams in Latin.

The last native speaker of Latin was the French writer Montaigne 1533-1592). His dad made him become a native speaker of Latin by speaking on Latin to him and having servants from all over Europe, therefore forcing them to use Latin with each other.

Roman History Fans Rejoice...Standard Setting Podcast
Reviewer sosa__98
 August 27, 2010
Mike Duncan provides and informative and entertaining look at one of the great epochs of the Western World.

The History of Rome
Reviewer hhopson
 May 15, 2010
This is podcast is a must for those who are interested in Roman history. It is well chronicled, chocked with interesting anedotes, and the reader provides perfect cadents for reading.

One of the best definitely my favorite
Reviewer Benkim316
 April 21, 2010
Compelling and well paced. Mr. History of Rome makes listening to this subject an absolute treat. He says in one of his podcasts that, and I'm paraphrasing, he is attempting to summarize many of the mind numbing details that you and I might have to go through to really get a sense of this era.

Truly Mike if you read these reviews you should ask an actual producer to put these in a large audiobook I will be in line to buy my copy.


Reviewer Radcontra
 February 12, 2010
I love this podcast. But, is there an archive of the episodes before #43?

Gold Star Podcast
Reviewer Genes9
 January 06, 2010
Outstanding. The Gold Star of historical podcasts.
Informative and entertaining with a modern perspective.

Nicely crafted
Reviewer CalPatrick
 January 02, 2010
Nicely crafted and good as far as it goes. My only criticism is that I didn't feel that he has as much insight into the mindset of the ancients as he might. Try professor Pafford's lectures at UC Berkeley, (available on Itunes) for a little better insight into the beliefs of polytheists and a better sense for ancient culture.

Great podcast
Reviewer Gallego
 July 02, 2009
Awesome work the one you are doing with this podcast. It is a tough job to summarize all the sources in a 25 minutes episode. Congratulations.

Outstanding Podcast
Reviewer rheumdoc
 May 13, 2009
The best podcast I have ever heard! Mike Duncan's discussion of Roman history is wonderful and he makes it fun. I look forward to every installment.

To Mike: I would have no problem listening to a brief advertisement if that will help you keep doing what you do! I would also love to hear more about daily life of an average Roman ie art, poetry, what they did for fun, foods, dress etc,

Highly Recommended (and take the Audible.com offer, Mike)
Reviewer clayyearsley
 May 12, 2009
The History of Rome is what podcasting was invented for. It's highly informative and presented in weekly editions of 30 minutes or less. The presenter is easy to listen to and entertaining.

To Mike - Take the Audible.com offer. I'm not turned off by their advertisement - especially since you'll be reading it. You'll end up with a ratio of like 40 to 1 podcast vs. ad. That's way better than TV or radio. Plus it should help you offset your costs - making it more likely you'll keep it up. That's good for listeners.

Audio.com Offer
Reviewer TerriZ
 May 05, 2009
Take the plunge! Other podcasts I listen to have short advertising bits, and they do not bother me at all. I actually like it when the podcaster recommends a book to listen to from audio.com. I don't actually listen to the books, but I do check them out from the library if the topic interests me.

Mike Duncan would make Plutarch proud
Reviewer Epictetus
 May 05, 2009
Excellent, thorough, informative, enjoyable, personable and relevant. One of the best podcasts around.

Take the deal with Audible. Sure the ads are grating and there is the risk of playing to the lowest common denominator as you get pressured into the Audible ratings game.

But what would Caesar do when there were funds on offer to achieve his goals? At least you won't be proscribing anyone. Yet.

Alternatives? How about sponsorship from the Italian Consulate's Cultural Affairs department? American University in Rome? Barilla Pasta?

awesome cast
Reviewer tiny333
 May 04, 2009
wonderful podcast

i recommend taking audio up on their offer...both my other fav casts
have done...ie Dan carlin and astronomy cast and it does no harm they read a very quick bit out at the front and thats it

the amount of work you do on this cast deserves a little remuneration

thanks 4 the great pod cast


Reviewer theskypro
 May 02, 2009
I have really enjoyed this podcast. It is informative and well presented. Like a good book you just don't want to end.

Reviewer dknadler
 October 03, 2008
Mr. Duncan does a tremendous job over the entire series of this podcast. Easily one of the best podcasts available on this site. His presentation of the material is entertaining and informative. I reallly hope he continues this most excellent series -- unfortunately it appears that may not be the case. Highly recommended.

Reviewer dknadler
 October 03, 2008
Mr. Duncan does a tremendous job over the entire series of this podcast. Easily one of the best podcasts available on this site. His presentation of the material is entertaining and informative. I reallly hope he continues this most excellent series -- unfortunately it appears that may not be the case. Highly recommended.

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