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12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire Podcast by Lars Brownworth

12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire Podcast

by Lars Brownworth

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Running Time
25 Min.
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  4.3  Stars Based on 6 ratings
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With the History of the Byzantine Empire Podcast, Lars Brownworth examines the 12 rulers that have come to represent a unique era in Roman history; a period marked by decline.

With an excellent handle on the subject and concise delivery, Brownsworth devotes each episode to an Emperor; describing the man, how he came to power, how he ruled, and what his legacy was thereafter. When taken as a whole, each bite-sized character profile tells the overall story of the Roman Empire as it struggled to survive during the middle ages.

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A Christian Orthodox
Reviewer micahsabol
 March 16, 2010
A weak point-he always elevates the Empire above the religious truths and Ecumenical Councils, which seem to play a postive position only as it strengthens the Empire. Thus Irene is given a very hard report because territory was lost, even though Icons were restored. That's not right. Just the opposite, or rather we cannot judge like that. It happens throughout on the tone. Pragmatic judgement is based on a rationalistic world-view, and some things throughout these episodes should have been treated differently. As Olga Kulikovsky Romanov said, "Russians can't understand themselves, and foreigeners, never!" I think the same could be said on this issue I've mentioned. Pragmatic rational thought could really rewrite the Bible, the histories, etc... as well, but this wouldn't be Truth!

Reviewer nazim
 May 16, 2008
This is a very good and interesting history in the world. So thanks to the readers and all the persons who help to make possible listen to this history to me.

this podcast has set the standard for history podcasts to abide by
Reviewer AnneTheMan
 December 18, 2007
Sixteen monologues covering the history of the Byzantine Empire from the 8th century to its fall in 1453 and beyond.

Lars Bronworth conducts the lectures in a straightforward monologue style producing episodes taking twenty to thirty minutes. In spite of his great diction, sound level and text, it makes for the more demanding sort of podcast. Tougher to listen to, but in its style, the very best I have met.

If you are in for a light and easy introduction to Byzantine History, this series is far too heavy. Too long, too many details, too slow a pace. This is the stuff for the discerning. You wanted the history of the Byzantine Empire? You will get it all.


This series is truly amazing
Reviewer raptor2763
 August 17, 2007
To be able to accurately condense over 1,000 years of history, paying attention to important details, but at the same time keeping a "big picture" perspective is a rare talent. Western history is sadly bereft of appreciating the manifold contributions provided by the Byzantine Empire. Mr. Brownworth's lectures take a great step forward towards filling in those critical parts of history we all seem to have missed in school.

Michael E. Blount
Haymarket, VA

Great podcast
Reviewer Claim the Earth
 December 17, 2006
I wonder why I don't see other reviews about this podcast. It is really well organized and well broadcasted -- especially on such a difficult topic. I remeber the year when "Forrest Gump" and "Shawshank Redemption" came out at about the same time. A friend of mine finished "Shawshank" and said: "this has to be the winner of this year's Oscar". Then it turned out "Forrest" won finally. I have listened to quite some podcasts on other sites, but this is the first one I tried here. Could it be other podcasts on this site are better than this?

Podcast Episodes

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  • Episode 1 - Introduction
    Mon, Jun 27, 2005

    What is the Byzantine Empire? Why would a Byzantine citizen call himself Roman and not know what the Byzantine Empire was? In this introduction to Byzantine history, Lars Brownworth describes where Byzantium came from and why defining Byzantium is a murky and difficult task.

  • Episode 2 - Diocletian
    Tue, Aug 9, 2005

    The Emperor Diocletian was to erase civil war within Byzantium for the next thousand years but walked away from it all to become a cabbage farmer. Who was this military man and how could he just give it all up? Join Lars Brownworth as the story of Byzantium's first great emperor unfolds.

  • Episode 3 - Constantine - Part 1
    Wed, Nov 30, 2005

    From the chaotic background of the tetrarchy, a vulnerable staff officer would navigate the treacherous waters of the empire and eventually emerge as Emperor. How could such an unlikely man unify the empire under one ruler? In this lecture, Lars Brownworth explores the rise to power of one of Western History's most pivotal figures: Constantine.

  • Episode 4 - Constantine - Part 2
    Thu, Dec 29, 2005

    Constantine has achieved supreme power and made one of the most momentous decisions in history, that of founding a new capital and rescuing a faith seemingly on the brink of schism. However, his megalomania undid most of his work unifying the church and threatened the very stability of the state. Does such a man truly deserve to be called great? Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the apogee of Constantine's career and his impact on history.

  • Episode 5 - Julian
    Wed, Jan 25, 2006

    A shy, awkward, Pagan philosopher with no ambitions and no experience is appointed Caesar. How could such an unlikely 23 year old become the head of a Christian empire? Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at Julian, the last of Constantine's dynasty.

  • Episode 6 - Zeno
    Sun, Feb 19, 2006

    By the middle of the 5th Century the Roman Empire was on the verge of collapse. Its emperors were mere puppets, its armies were in chaos, and enemies were closing in on all sides. Unable to sustain itself, the West collapsed, plunging Europe into the Dark Ages. By all accounts, the East should have followed suit, and yet, unexpectedly, the Eastern emperor slipped free of his barbarian master and saved the tottering state. Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at Zeno, the unlikely savior of the Byzantine Empire.

  • Episode 7 - Justinian - Part 1
    Sat, Mar 11, 2006

    As the 6th Century dawned on the tottering Byzantine State, the future seemed to hold only decline and decay, and yet unexpectedly, it was to see a renaissance unmatched in the long history of the empire. On every front, it seemed, were gathered the towering giants of the age- poised and ready to take the empire to ever greater and more dizzying heights. All that was needed was a ruler with enough vision to unite and drive this vast collection of the best and the brightest- a ruler who could dream on a truly imperial scale. He came, surprisingly enough, from the ranks of the great, unwashed masses- risen from poverty to fire the empire with the force of his will. Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the stunning rise of Justinian- from shadow ruler to emperor in his own right.

  • Episode 8 - Justinian - Part 2
    Tue, May 30, 2006

    With the return of relative calm after the reign's turbulent beginnings, Justinian could turn to his most ambitious project, the reconquest of the Western Empire. For this, his most cherished goal, he looked to one man, the young, promising general, Belisarius. Justinian was rewarded with unswerving loyalty and unquestioned brilliance, and yet the road to reconquest was to be a difficult and tragic one for both men. Join Lars Brownworth as the story of Justinian's reconquest of Africa and Italy unfolds.

  • Episode 9 - Justinian - Part 3
    Mon, Jul 17, 2006

    With the reconquest of Italy seemingly complete and the Persian threat momentarily neutralized by the plague, Justinian could at last afford to rest. But the empire's enemies were everywhere- the plague abated and a charismatic new Gothic king arose in Italy. The empire could ill afford to keep its greatest general in disgrace, and Justinian would once again turn to the man he could never quite bring himself to trust. The final decade of his life would see the fruition of his epic dreams of reconquest, as well as the restoration of the building that still stands as the greatest testament to his reign. It would be the final act of a cast of characters the likes of whom the empire would never see again. Join Lars Brownworth for the conclusion of the reign of Justinian, the last of the Roman Emperors.

  • Episode 10 - Heraclius
    Thu, Oct 12, 2006

    In the years following Justinian's death, the empire was rocked from within and without. Barbarians pushed in on every border and the empire's ancient enemy Persia ravaged the East unchecked. The empire met this challenge with a series of weak and foolish rulers who squandered what resources they had, and crumbled before the Persian onslaught. By the start of the 7th Century, the emperor was a virtual prisoner in his own palace, the Persians were beneath the walls of Constantinople, and the rest of the empire was in the hands of rebels. It looked as if the end had come at last, and yet, against all odds, an Armenian general was to defeat the Persians, sweep away the old Latin traditions and reform the empire on a Greek model. Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at Heraclius, whose reign saw this glittering triumph yet ended in such tragedy.

  • Episode 11 - Irene
    Thu, Nov 9, 2006

    When the weak, ineffectual emperor Leo IV died in 780, he left the empire divided and in the hands of an orphan from Athens; the beautiful and grasping Empress Irene. 17 years later she was crowned as sole ruler after murdering her own son to take his place. It was hardly an auspicious start, beset by enemies on every border, the empire was now facing its most serious internal threat; the terrible iconoclastic controversy. Successive emperors had neglected the frontiers to concentrate on the war against icons, and in the process had not only weakened the state, but had destroyed some of the finest works of art the Byzantine world ever produced. Even worse, an emperor had at last returned to the long vacant throne of the West, to challenge Byzantium's claim of universal temporal domination. If ever the empire had needed strong leadership, it was now. Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the reign of Irene; the only woman to rule the empire, not as Queen or Regent, but as a King.

  • Episode 12 - Basil I
    Sat, Dec 2, 2006

    Basil I was hardly a promising candidate to usher in a new golden age to the Byzantine Empire.A poor, illiterate Armenian peasant, he was kidnapped by raiding Bulgarians as a boy, and only managed to escape in his mid twenties.Renowned for his great strength and skill with horses, he found work as a stable hand and grew into a violent, ambitious man, whose thirst for power led him to commit two of the foulest murders that even Byzantine history has to offer.And yet, against the odds, his reign was the most successful of the century, and the Macedonian dynasty that he would found, would bring the empire to the height of its power and prestige.Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the reign of the emperor Basil the Macedonian.

  • Episode 13 - Basil II
    Sat, Jan 1, 2007

    By the time Basil II was crowned at age two, the Macedonian Dynasty had led the Byzantine Empire to seemingly endless military victories and unprecedented heights of glory.However it was not the emperors who had accomplished so much, but their powerful generals. In fact Basil's dynasty seemed to be in danger of becoming purely ceremonial or disappearing completely.The young emperor, dominated completely by his regents, seemed unlikely to change things.There was no trace of the heroic about him, no charisma or sparkling personality, and yet he was to emerge as the greatest emperor of his dynasty- bending the army, the empire, and foreign princes alike to the force of his will.Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the reign of Basil II, the last great conqueror Byzantium ever produced.

  • Episode 14 - Alexius
    Mon, Mar 19, 2007

    When the 24 year old Alexius Comnenus came to the throne, the glories of the Empire seemed long gone. Its "invincible" army had been smashed at the battle of Manzikert, the frontiers were collapsing, and enemies on every side threatened to overwhelm what was left. It would take an extraordinary ruler to salvage something from the wreckage much less restore Byzantine prestige. Join Lars Brownworth as he takes a look at Alexius Comnenus, the man who did just that, even as the First Crusade erupted around him.

  • Episode 15 - Isaac
    Mon, Aug 13, 2007

    Isaac Angelus was never meant for the throne. He should have lived out his life in comfortable obscurity, but instead found imperial power thrust upon him as Alexius I's brilliant dynasty came to a bloody and decadent conclusion. Unfortunately he and his son were to prove completely unfit for the office, inviting one of the greatest calamities in history down upon their heads, fatally weakening the empire. Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at the reign of Isaac Angelus as it inexorably descended into the tragedy of the Fourth Crusade.

  • Episode 16 - Constantine XI
    Mon, Sep 24, 2007

    The 14th century was not a kind one for Byzantium.The Fourth Crusade had left it a hollow shell of itself, fatally crippled in the face of Turkish aggression.A series of forgettable rulers did what they could, but by the middle of the next century all hope was lost.Surrounded on all sides by the hostile Turks, the once vast empire had shrunk to little more than the city of Constantinople itself.Led by the indomitable Constantine XI, the Byzantines faced certain destruction and fearsome new weapons of war with dignity and courage, determined to go down fighting with heads held high.Join Lars Brownworth as he talks about the last of the Byzantine Emperors, Constantine XI whose heroic final defense of the city earned him recognition as the first Greek National Martyr.

  • Episode 17 - Conclusion
    Tue, Jan 29, 2008

    With the death of Constantine XI, the Byzantine Empire drew to a close.But that was not the end of the story.From the Orthodox Church, to the Russian Empire, their spirit survived, and offers enduring lessons for the modern world.Join Lars Brownworth as he looks at their immense legacy, and reflects on why Byzantine History matters.

  • Reading Suggestions
    Tue, Feb 12, 2008

    Lars Brownworth gives some reading suggestions on the Byzantine Empire.

  • Norman Centuries Podcast Teaser
    Thu, Sep 24, 2009

    Lars Brownworth's new podcast called Norman Centuries is also available.

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