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12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire Podcast by Lars Brownworth

12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire Podcast

by Lars Brownworth

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Running Time
25 Min.
User Rating
  4.3  Stars Based on 6 ratings
With the History of the Byzantine Empire Podcast, Lars Brownworth examines the 12 rulers that have come to represent a unique era in Roman history; a period marked by decline.

With an excellent handle on the subject and concise delivery, Brownsworth devotes each episode to an Emperor; describing the man, how he came to power, how he ruled, and what his legacy was thereafter. When taken as a whole, each bite-sized character profile tells the overall story of the Roman Empire as it struggled to survive during the middle ages.

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A Christian Orthodox
Reviewer micahsabol
 March 16, 2010
A weak point-he always elevates the Empire above the religious truths and Ecumenical Councils, which seem to play a postive position only as it strengthens the Empire. Thus Irene is given a very hard report because territory was lost, even though Icons were restored. That's not right. Just the opposite, or rather we cannot judge like that. It happens throughout on the tone. Pragmatic judgement is based on a rationalistic world-view, and some things throughout these episodes should have been treated differently. As Olga Kulikovsky Romanov said, "Russians can't understand themselves, and foreigeners, never!" I think the same could be said on this issue I've mentioned. Pragmatic rational thought could really rewrite the Bible, the histories, etc... as well, but this wouldn't be Truth!

Reviewer nazim
 May 16, 2008
This is a very good and interesting history in the world. So thanks to the readers and all the persons who help to make possible listen to this history to me.

this podcast has set the standard for history podcasts to abide by
Reviewer AnneTheMan
 December 18, 2007
Sixteen monologues covering the history of the Byzantine Empire from the 8th century to its fall in 1453 and beyond.

Lars Bronworth conducts the lectures in a straightforward monologue style producing episodes taking twenty to thirty minutes. In spite of his great diction, sound level and text, it makes for the more demanding sort of podcast. Tougher to listen to, but in its style, the very best I have met.

If you are in for a light and easy introduction to Byzantine History, this series is far too heavy. Too long, too many details, too slow a pace. This is the stuff for the discerning. You wanted the history of the Byzantine Empire? You will get it all.


This series is truly amazing
Reviewer raptor2763
 August 17, 2007
To be able to accurately condense over 1,000 years of history, paying attention to important details, but at the same time keeping a "big picture" perspective is a rare talent. Western history is sadly bereft of appreciating the manifold contributions provided by the Byzantine Empire. Mr. Brownworth's lectures take a great step forward towards filling in those critical parts of history we all seem to have missed in school.

Michael E. Blount
Haymarket, VA

Great podcast
Reviewer Claim the Earth
 December 17, 2006
I wonder why I don't see other reviews about this podcast. It is really well organized and well broadcasted -- especially on such a difficult topic. I remeber the year when "Forrest Gump" and "Shawshank Redemption" came out at about the same time. A friend of mine finished "Shawshank" and said: "this has to be the winner of this year's Oscar". Then it turned out "Forrest" won finally. I have listened to quite some podcasts on other sites, but this is the first one I tried here. Could it be other podcasts on this site are better than this?

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