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InTouch with Charles Stanley Podcast by Dr. Charles Stanley

InTouch with Charles Stanley Podcast

by Dr. Charles Stanley

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25 Min.
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The daily radio ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley and InTouch Ministries.

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Gods Reality
Reviewer saltandlight
 November 05, 2010
Dr Stanley thank you for your God inspired words. Is it any surprise, brothers and sisters, that the world shows its teeth and venom to us? The lord Himself talked about it. They hated Him & we are not fit to tie the laces of his sandles -so buck up and have faith. The shepherd's sheep know his voice. I, for one, am comforted by the blatant EVIDENCE of christianity. Evidence that Demands a Verdict. Unbeliever....read it then make an educated comment. I wish the Lord's blessing on those who are so hurt that they attack. Your earthly knowledge and platitudes sound good to your ears because they are closed my friend. May the God of all Light shine his truth & reality on your spirit. He is there...knocking. Hell is full of people who wished above all that they had answered the door.

Don't hate, appreciate!
Reviewer shayyt
 March 06, 2010
I listened to Dr's Stanley's message last nite on "Things that cannot be shaken", OMG! I know the Spirit of the Lord put a hammer and broke up and destroyed the work of the enemy with that message. The false teachings and the unbelievers hate to hear powerful messages like this, it agitates them when we believe in the Word like this. It always amazes me that people who have not experienced Christ in they're life are the first to say it's all a hoax and there is more than just your God and Jesus was just a great man that's it. WOW! And the unbeliever is always so belligerent toward the Christians, but little do they know that their attitudes makes us love God even more. Every unloving comment makes serving Christ even more sweeter. Every unbeliever allows me to see what I use to be, and they continue to remind me what I don't ever want to be again and that's without God in my life. So DON'T HATE, APPRECIATE! God still loves you!

Shay Y T


Why lie?
Reviewer deltibecker
 April 10, 2009
Dr. Charles Stanley. Why is it, that you are so 'correct'? I heard your radio broadcast, and I couldn't help but come here to get a response by YOU about a couple thing's you said. First of all,
"People who don't believe that Jesus was resurrected have no proof that he was not resurrected."
Umm.. first of all, you said something along those lines on the radio, and that is completely untrue! your fooling people around the world, when really science proves religion is not even real. I can understand religion being in people's lives to make them feel secure and protected by a 'higher being', but when you say thing's like this I feel the need to argue it, because lying even more than you already are is pathetic. Your making money off this book, that is just garbage and BS. I would love to hear the proof you have on how it's even possible he was resurrected from the dead??? 0 proof. None. It is not possible. I'm not a kind of guy that is stuck up or anything, because quite frankly, I am very open for other people's opinion's and thoughts on everything, but this kind of subject gets really touchy for some, because it is their outlook on life, but I know for a fact, if Jesus Christ did exist, their is NO WAY he could have been resurrected, and NO WAY, he had supernatural abilities, and that there was NO WAY he made 1 fish and 1 piece of bread into thousands to feed everyone, and NO WAY the earth was flooded and Noah built a Ark with animals to be placed on there. These things are not humanly possible. Magicians now a days like criss Angel, David Blaine, even David Copperfield, do amazing stunts like this, and thousands of people believe they have SUPERNATURAL abilities!! It's unbelievable. It's just a trick! These kind of things do not happen, people do not have the ability to do such things like levitate, read minds, for-tell the future(like fortune tellers) and no way can someone multiply wine bread and fish or whatever else Jesus 'supposedly' multiplied into hundreds or thousands.

So basically, I am here not to make people stop believing a higher being and stop going to church, or to stop praying and wishing things or even to read the bible, but your book is just making you money. You know, I know, and so do any knowledgeable people that these stories aren't true, and for you to say you can help people speak to God is utterly pathetic. I guarantee! that no one has EVER spoken to god, just as I GUARANTEE that the people that do, are the same kinds of people who say they have seen ghosts of their family members, or have been abducted by an alien spaceship, because these kind of things do not happen. If people claim they do, experts should go see them because they are hearing things, and seeing things and going a little haywire. Experts always shut down people like this, people who claim they read minds, fore tell the future and magicians who claim their tricks are real etc.. People always tend to say 'it was Gods doing' when they have no explanation for something. This is just lack of knowledge. Its SO easy to just say it was a supernatural being or force that did something that you cant explain. This happens all the time, if something good happens or bad happens in their lives people now a days people always say it was God's doing, when really, it was just how thing's played out. Sometimes these things are unavoidable, but not because its Gods doing! It's because everyone else in the world has an effect on you, whether you believe this or not, it is true. If some guy was driving in front of you, and his car stalled and you were stuck in traffic because of this guy, and your late for work, first thing comes to mind is 'it was gods doing' when NO it really wasn't, it is something called an accident, and his motor broke or he ran out of gas! Therefore it effects you because of his problem, in which had nothing to do with a supernatural being such as a God, it was just an accident. Which kind of leads me to my next point.

Also, you mentioned that god controls everything we do... no! I control what I do... my mind controls my thoughts and actions. People who believe in fate tend to believe that their life and its path is already decided for them. This is untrue!!! How does that even make sense? How is this even humanly possible.

There are hundreds of religions out there that have their own stories and makes sense to them(the people who follow and believe it), and it may sound flawless, and real, but in reality....religion cant be. If their are hundreds of different religions all in which sound true and are flawless in their own right, then.. which God or higher being is the real one? There cant be more than one can there? No. because I can easily make a religion up, and write up a book on it, make it completely flawless, get 100 people to read it and follow it and make sense of it, and make these stories have connections to my life and many other generic peoples lives, hitting peoples emotions, and triggering your thoughts to make you(the reader)start thinking if these stories and this god are even real, Relate the stories so that they can relate to their own life, and then BOOM, I have people who believe in my story book I just wrote, when in reality I KNOW FOR A FACT, THAT I MADE THESE THINGS UP. Religion is only used to make people feel good, and comfortable about themselves, but when you say people who do not believe in Jesus' resurrection from the dead, have NO PROOF, it is completely taking these stories to new heights and making people believe something that is not possible, and this is more likely to take over the older aged people as they have less education to the standards of today about science and life, and they have less to look forward to in their life, making them very gullible to the lies religion tells.

Your good at making money off this book, but do you truly think its fair, and right? If you believe in God, then should you not make this for free, as Jesus & God's doing were all for free? They were said to always help people all the time, without any cost am I correct? Going to church is free, and you get educated about Religion while your there, so why make this book in which you wrote cost money? This seems way to much like a scam. You know your stuff about religion, but is it because you know you can make a book and go on the radio and make money and become known, as the man who can talk to God? Why are you doing this? Why are you making people pay to read your book if your so much into religion, would that not be against your religion, making one pay to learn and read about their religion? Seems to me like you have some explaining to do, before I take this somewhere else...

Anyways I need not waste more time on things such as this, but email me back with a response...

Delti Becker


Continuing Guidance and Inspiration
Reviewer reinpam
 December 01, 2007
About five years ago, I came upon Dr. Stanley's book, "A Touch of His Goodness" and I must say that this book gave me a lot of guidance and inspiration. I would oftentimes read it especially when I am feeling really low. It is refreshing the way Dr. Stanley reminds us of God's presence in our lives no matter what our situation is. So impressed I was with his book that I tried looking for other books written by him in our bookstores but with no success. I am just so thankful that I found his podcasts in this truly amazing website. These podcasts are to me truly gifts from heaven.

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