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Shining Brightly


WELCOME to the Shining Brightly Show!
I am Howard Brown, Mr Shining Brightly your host, guide and master of ceremonies each week. Each episode will feature the human resolve of resilience and hope. The goal of each show is to motivate, educate and inspire you for self-improvement of mind, body and spirt, better lifestyle decisions, balance work life balance and giving back to others and our communities.
My broad array of contacts around the world will join me to talk about gratitude, burnout, empowerment, resilience, addiction, self-care, cancer, caregiving, sports, relationships, community service, happiness and so much more. So come SHINE with ME!
My Philosophy:
We all get knocked down in work, family, health and in life. The question for all of us is - how do you get back up again? I been knocked down to my core - emotionally, physically, financially and in relationships. I have learned and teach that cancer and life are team sports.
1) You cannot and should not go at it alone. Take help from friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.
2) Build your mental and physical toughness by finding your "happy place". Mine is on the basketball court and yours could be hiking, music, and yoga many others. Find your happy place and go there often.
3) You must lift-up yourself via self-care. How is your work-life balance, health, relationships and finances? Are there areas you need to focus on or improve?
4) Once you have taken care of yourself, it is time to lift-up others. There are so many ways to help others in need like being a good listener, offer positive affirmation, help a neighbor, volunteer, donate to a heartfelt cause, visit someone who is ill, plant a tree and so much more.
5) Let's "Shine Brightly" a little more each day to become a force-multiplier for good and positive change for ourselves, others and our communities.
6) Shining brightly everyday will make the world a better place!

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