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Pompous Gentlemen Podcast

Pompous Gentlemen Podcast

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The Pompous Gentlemen Podcast is where you'll gain a dating edge and improve your dating and relationships. No more settling. Finally gain control of your dating and love life. Hosted by your friends at PGMen.com. We share our uncensored dating insights and experiences in today's modern dating landscape. We'll explore the whole dating spectrum from pick-up artists to conservative dating authorities to learn how to be attractive to the opposite sex. Dating. Pick-up. Seduction. Human Sexuality. Call it what you want. In the end, this is about becoming more attractive men. We cover a variety of topics to improve your success with women and dating: Approaching Women Naturally. Approach Anxiety. Daygame. Nightgame. Signs of Attraction. Flirting and Bantering. 1st Dates. Sexual Escalation. Sex. How to Dance. Online Dating. Text Messaging. Relationship Management. And how to create healthy relationships overall so you don't go crazy, stress out or feel like your losing your soul! We'll cover answers to questions like: how to tell if she likes me, how to not run out of things to say, how to attract higher quality women, and how to have an awesome sex life. Basically, how to meet, attract and keep the girl while becoming a more attractive man. A more successful man. A better man. So let's become more attractive men. Better men. Bring out the real men we already are. We live in a society where most men have forgotten what it's like to take a risk. Pompous Gentlemen are men who aren’t afraid of going for what they wants in life. They are the balance of being pompous (your inner bad*ss) and a gentlemen (Society's presentable, prim and proper image). Basically, you are pompous enough to believe in yourself and have the confidence to change your life, but you want do it in a value-giving gentleman way. Most of all they is a men of action. This is a movement for men who take action to change their lives. Go for what you want. Take risks. Create moments. Be a man with an edge. Be a Pompous Gentlemen. Learn more at: www.PGMen.com.

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