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Marianne Williamson's Miracle Thought Podcast by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson's Miracle Thought Podcast

by Marianne Williamson

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5 Min.
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MiracleThought is a principle, idea, quote or insight to help you miraculously navigate your day. On her daily podcasts, Marianne will offer a plan of action showing you how spiritual principles can make a significant difference in the quality of your life.

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Reviewer Harold12
 December 31, 2009
Good Podcast! I'm so proud of Oprah. Please keep up what you are doing. You have been on target since I can remember.
Also Marianne is so encouraging. The one on choosing your words is so powerful and personal to me. It's more effective than meditation, I don't like meditation and don't do it, hardly. I found that with the spiritual rules like service, thankfulness, forgiveness and using accurate descriptive words over negative, judgmental, exaggeration words (hyperbole), did it for me. Maybe that works better with males as they need it more, but do you realize what a radical change that can make in you, in your subconscious, so that it even handles things automatically? Frankly, I don't think all the gurus realize the power of what they are saying.
A couple of other things help with intuition. All types. Looking up Emotional Intelligence, even in sports, opens the door to intuition. Of course there are more ways too, but words make a radical change and listening to what intuition has to say. Lack of forgiveness and the other things all block your connection with yourself, not to mention with others, so that is why these things are so important. Just dropping negative words, and of course the thoughts that go with them, make you able to go to the heights and depth of emotions or anywhere in between, pretty much under your total control to handle anything. It's smart, though, to test the intuitions, both to see that they are actually intuitions, ie. correct and also to understand the whole picture. You should be able to surpass most gurus, which is what we all want; independence and power.

Podcast Episodes

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  • Feel Empowered
    Fri, Aug 21, 2009

    If American women want to feel empowered, they must use their power, Marianne says. She talks about the importance of speaking your mind and following your heart. You will not only help yourself, but also have a positive effect on those around you.

  • Earthly Possessions
    Thu, Aug 20, 2009

    You do not benefit from being attached to your possessions. Take the energy you give to your attachments and redirect it, Marianne says. Surrender to the hands of God and let him help you become a blissful human being.

  • God Loves You
    Wed, Aug 19, 2009

    Even if you think you don't deserve his love based on your past, God loves you, Marianne says. He sees what he created and holds you in the highest place. Realize who you are, love yourself and be willing to appreciate others.

  • Be Willing to Shine
    Tue, Aug 18, 2009

    Through the power of God in you, you are capable of greatness. It isn't arrogant to recognize it--it will bring you humility. Marianne talks about how to own the power God has placed in you. You haven't seen anything yet!

  • The Power of Words
    Mon, Aug 17, 2009

    No matter what you're saying, every word has power. How will you wield that power? Marianne talks about why it's important to evaluate what you're going to say before you say it. You'll be glad you did.

  • Service to Love
    Fri, Aug 14, 2009

    According to A Course in Miracles, the presence of fear is a sure sign that you're trusting in your own strength. How can you be the person God would have you be today? Marianne talks about how to be of service to God and love and about how to serve your divine purpose.

  • Create a Strong Foundation
    Thu, Aug 13, 2009

    In the New Testament, Jesus talks about building your house on a base of sand or rock. If you build your house on sand, you can be blown away. However, if you build your house on rock, your house will remain forever. The same principle goes for your self-esteem. Marianne talks about how to build your emotional house on rock.

  • Come Together
    Wed, Aug 12, 2009

    The quality of the collaboration determines the result, Marianne says. We come together when there's a disaster in our community, but we can come together without disaster. She talks about how to raise your consciousness to find out how we can truly become a community.

  • Make History
    Tue, Aug 11, 2009

    "Well-behaved women seldom make history," author Laurel Thatcher Ulrich says. Appreciate the women who came before you, and become a role model for those who've yet to come. Marianne talks about making history while being well behaved, in the sense that your behavior stems from peace, compassion and grace.

  • Greater Good
    Mon, Aug 10, 2009

    Throughout time and space, there's always been an evolutionary impulse toward a greater good. When you close your heart and your ability to love, you stop the perfect operation of a self-organizing universe. God will do his part if you do yours. Marianne talks about how to work with what God has planned for you and be at peace.

  • Health and Sickness
    Fri, Aug 07, 2009

    Sickness is the absence of health. Stress on the body and mind is just one cause of disease. Marianne talks about ways to take care of your health on a spiritual level.

  • Action/Reaction
    Thu, Aug 06, 2009

    When you respond to someone with words that cause suffering, you're escalating the emotional violence within you, Marianne says. She talks about developing the emotional discipline to control your own reactive impulses and about allowing fear to move through you. Stand in the love, she says.

  • Brain Power
    Wed, Aug 05, 2009

    The human brain begins to learn earlier than we think. According to the Families and Work Institute's research on human brain development, what happens in the first five years of life is a template that becomes part of people for the rest of their lives. Marianne says what you teach your children will not only determine their futures, but the future of society as a whole.

  • The Truth About Cheating
    Tue, Aug 04, 2009

    Any time in life that you think you are cheating on a commitment, on some level, it will be known. If you feel guilty about something, you will subconsciously set yourself up for punishment. Marianne talks about why you should be careful about what you do and think.

  • Show Mercy
    Mon, Aug 03, 2009

    Whenever you're about to judge anyone for anything, ask yourself if you've done anything similar or even worse. When you decide not to judge someone, it doesn't mean you don't hold the person accountable. Hold people accountable for their actions so they can open their hearts and hear what you have to say, Marianne says. As you grow in your capacity to not be judgmental, you'll be able to reach people's souls.

  • Physics and Your Spiritual Life
    Fri, Jul 31, 2009

    According to quantum physics, the greater the weight, the less the sphere of influence. When there's too much stuff in your life, you have less creative ability. Unlearn the fear and thoughts that weigh you down. Marianne talks about welcoming the freedom that comes with decluttering.

  • Say Yes to God's Will
    Thu, Jul 30, 2009

    The rehearsal is over. You're ready for the dream that's trying to be born within you. God has more faith in you than you may have in yourself. Ask that God's will be done. Say yes to whatever future God has in mind for you. All the capacities necessary to help you create and manifest that future are born within you, Marianne says.

  • Facts and Truth
    Wed, Jul 29, 2009

    Facts and truth can be two different things--focus on whether they are the same or different. In every person, the truth is love and, in every situation, anything is possible. Marianne talks about how to hear others' calls for love and respond with kindness.

  • Prayers and Blessings
    Tue, Jul 28, 2009

    Whenever you face difficulties in your life, remember your divine purpose, Marianne says. According to A Course in Miracles, prayer is the medium of miracles. It’s time to recognize the power of blessings and prayer.

  • Let Go of Your Attachments
    Mon, Jul 27, 2009

    According to Buddhism, all suffering comes from attachment. You want to have things happen so badly that your suffering lies in the fact that you're attached to it happening, Marianne says. Think about everything you're attached to--your marriage, your children, your possessions. Let go of your attachments and allow the universe to take over.

  • Possibility to Probability
    Fri, Jul 24, 2009

    Are you a naysayer? When you think positively, anything is possible and the outcome is more probable, Marianne says. Recognize the power of your mind. Avoid negative thoughts and claim your life today.

  • What People Think of You
    Thu, Jul 23, 2009

    Is it important to understand what other people think of you? It depends on the people and how you take on their projections, Marianne says. Anything said meanly is not a message that comes from love.

  • Ambassadors
    Wed, Jul 22, 2009

    We are constantly offered the chance to be a role model in our religion, our community, our sexuality and more. All of us have the opportunity to express to the world who we are, Marianne says. What do people see when they see you?

  • Powerful You
    Tue, Jul 21, 2009

    Are you stuck in between the proverbial "rock and a hard place"? The power that was in Moses when he parted the Red Sea also lives in you. Allow your mind to be fed by spiritual things, and your life will become meaningful, deep and happy, Marianne says.

  • Crucifixion Condition
    Mon, Jul 20, 2009

    Your crucifixion condition is a situation in which egoic, fear-based thinking seems to be canceling out your consciousness and the consequences of love. Your crucifixion condition will determine how soon you get to the resurrection in your life, Marianne says. She talks about how to get to the light.

  • Living Successfully
    Fri, Jul 17, 2009

    What you think is failure just might be success. And some of the successes you're enjoying might be a form of failure. Marianne talks about how you can tell the difference and live in good success.

  • Opportunities for Good
    Thu, Jul 16, 2009

    If you deflected a good opportunity through anger or insecurity, don't worry, Marianne says. As you transform those negative personality characteristics, the same prosperity will reappear in another form. Just watch for the good--it's on its way back, Marianne says.

  • Faith Is an Aspect of Consciousness
    Wed, Jul 15, 2009

    There is no such thing as a faithless person, Marianne says. She talks about building your ability to be faithful through practice and about how to use the power that God has given you.

  • Happiness and Function
    Tue, Jul 14, 2009

    You'll find happiness when you're performing your life's function, Marianne says. If you love and forgive without end, you're closer to serving your purpose.

  • Right or Happy?
    Mon, Jul 13, 2009

    Do you prefer to be right or to be happy? Focus on one person in your life to forgive, and feel the sweet release of letting go of that weight on your shoulders, Marianne says.

  • Is There Hate in the Air?
    Fri, Jul 10, 2009

    Is it your responsibility to stop violence? Can you do anything? The only thing that dissolves hate is to be proactive and send love, Marianne says. You are more powerful than you think--harness love.

  • Have Faith in Your Vision
    Thu, Jul 09, 2009

    When you think your life is defined by your circumstances, you're putting too much faith in the material world. Don't live according to your circumstances, Marianne says. Instead, live in this moment according to your vision!

  • Spend Time with Others
    Wed, Jul 08, 2009

    Life is going so fast, you might not realize that the things you think are unimportant in life are often the most important. People need your time--you will pay for it emotionally if you do not learn this lesson. Marianne talks about being with everyone that God puts before you. Realize how precious those moments are, she says.

  • The Miracle
    Tue, Jul 07, 2009

    How do you make the shift in perception to see miracles in your life? Transform your thoughts of fear into love. Marianne talks about how to look at each person and situation miraculously and adjust your soul.

  • Appreciate Life
    Mon, Jul 06, 2009

    As we become more spiritually advanced, our lives also get simpler, Marianne says. We are learning to not simply look, but to see what's really there. It's time to fully appreciate the glory of life, Marianne says.

  • Life Spirals
    Fri, Jul 03, 2009

    Every time a person or situation resurfaces in your life, you have another chance to heal and create a better world. Marianne talks about how to make that "chance" meeting holy and perfect.

  • Be Here Now
    Thu, Jul 02, 2009

    Sometimes what you think is the least exciting thing to do is really the richest experience. So maximize the moment and make the most of a casual visit with loved ones by being there right now, Marianne says.

  • Allow Change
    Wed, Jul 01, 2009

    In long-term relationships, you want to be with someone who allows you to change and grow. And nothing's more important than having supportive relationships with others. Marianne talks about having faith in people and their infinite potential.

  • Surrender to God
    Tue, Jun 30, 2009

    When you surrender to God, you're getting your sense of guidance from an internal source. God is an aspect of your consciousness. Let all things be according to God's will, Marianne says. God can be your navigation system.

  • Commit to Kindness
    Mon, Jun 29, 2009

    Whoever is around you deserves your committed kindness. If you want more tenderness and mercy from the universe, show it to other people and it shall be shown to you. What you give will not only help them, it will also have lifelong benefits for you, Marianne says.

  • Death to Life
    Fri, Jun 26, 2009

    One aspect of who you were is dying and you're becoming someone new, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Marianne talks about leaning into your future and becoming the "you" you're capable of being.

  • Time to Choose
    Thu, Jun 25, 2009

    Every situation is perfect the way it is. Every circumstance offers you a lesson that will help you become the person you're capable of being. What will you do? It's your decision as to how you handle it, Marianne says.

  • Become One with God
    Wed, Jun 24, 2009

    The earth is our mother. The human spirit and the soul is a "she," and God is a "he." Become one with the spirit of God within you. A new being will emerge from deep within you that is a being of love, Marianne says.

  • The Power of Thought
    Tue, Jun 23, 2009

    The universe has eyes. Every thought is a cause that, on some level, has an effect. Marianne talks about being careful with what you think and do.

  • Your Birthright
    Mon, Jun 22, 2009

    You were born with infinite potential. The finite mind may not be able to handle this thought, but you can! It's your birthright. Marianne shows you how to claim it.

  • What Love Holds
    Fri, Jun 19, 2009

    Learning what love holds is also learning what it does not hold. Love holds nothing against you. Learn to love others the way God loves you. Marianne talks about what it all means.

  • Who Stops You?
    Thu, Jun 18, 2009

    Can other people stop you from reaching your goals? Is there any circumstance that can hold you back from your purpose? The only person who can ultimately stop you is you, Marianne says.

  • Failure and Success
    Wed, Jun 17, 2009

    You can learn as much from your failures as you do from your success. A failure does not have to remain a failure--it can become a lesson. Marianne talks about taking an authentic look at the principles you need to get you there.

  • The Key to Happiness
    Tue, Jun 16, 2009

    Happiness lies in being involved in a process that is larger than you are. Your thoughts and feelings are brought into divine right order when you're serving something bigger than yourself. Marianne talks about how to get rid of emotional angst, heal and find happiness.

  • Be Your Authentic Self
    Mon, Jun 15, 2009

    If you have a nagging suspicion that you're wasting your life, it's because you are. Do you ever feel guilty, as though you are cheating yourself or God? Live to your fullest potential. The world will take you more seriously when you take yourself more seriously through the work of God, Marianne says.

  • Family Closeness
    Fri, Jun 12, 2009

    Some say that people have stopped being close to their families because of the way society has shifted. But you can redefine how close you are with your family. Now is the time to try because family does matter, Marianne says.

  • Intimacy
    Thu, Jun 11, 2009

    There are times when, in order to preserve intimacy, you shouldn't say everything you're thinking. It's time to be discerning about what you say and learn how to be truly intimate, Marianne says.

  • What Does Weariness Mean?
    Wed, Jun 10, 2009

    Weariness means you're hanging onto something--it's time to let go. Shed your old skin and grow a new one. Marianne says there's an old world falling down all around us, making way for the new.

  • God Is Electricity
    Tue, Jun 09, 2009

    According to Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, when two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them. Look around you and be willing to make your relationships a place to experience God's miracles and the light, Marianne says.

  • Imagine Your Path
    Mon, Jun 08, 2009

    Imagine your spiritual path. What does it look like? Marianne talks about starting the week by walking on the path that you've envisioned for yourself.

  • The Beauty of Discipline
    Fri, Jun 05, 2009

    Burden, bitterness, pleasure and ease--find out how they’re all connected. Sometimes the most bitter circumstances teach you things that enable you to know pleasure and joy. Time has a magical way of opening the heart to understanding things we didn't understand during the bitter days. Marianne talks about how to let time open your heart.

  • The Universe Is Self-Organizing
    Thu, Jun 04, 2009

    Every moment contains every lesson you need to learn. Be who you truly are and see the lessons. Your day will be perfect if you live it correctly. Marianne talks about how to become a part of the universe and live in the energy now.

  • Moving Mountains
    Wed, Jun 03, 2009

    Believe it or not, your faith can move mountains. Through God's power within you, anything is possible. Marianne says you think you are your body, but in actuality, you are a mountain-moving machine!

  • Letting Your Children Go
    Tue, Jun 02, 2009

    While it's difficult to let your children go as they grow up, it's one of the inevitable facts of being a parent. Children have to find God, truth and their own individual strength. Marianne talks about how to deal with it.

  • Be Willing
    Mon, Jun 01, 2009

    Today is the day you hand your troubles to God. Nothing is too big for him to handle. Be willing to consider the possibility that God can do for you what you cannot do for yourself, Marianne says.

  • The Power of Imagination
    Fri, May 29, 2009

    Imagine a world without unnecessary suffering. Your imagination is the womb of your consciousness. Marianne talks about the importance of using the power of your mind to imagine a better world.

  • Open Your Heart
    Thu, May 28, 2009

    No matter what your problem is, your pain hides within a lack of forgiveness. By not forgiving a person, you are blocking yourself from miracles. Marianne talks about removing those blocks and opening your heart.

  • New World
    Wed, May 27, 2009

    We are moving from an old world into a new one. Help bring in this new era. Marianne talks about alleviating unnecessary human suffering and bringing new ways of thinking to welcome a better world.

  • The Greatest Contribution
    Tue, May 26, 2009

    The greatest contribution you can make to this world is to better yourself. God works directly through you, so his work is an outcome of the person you make yourself out to be. Marianne talks about dealing with your issues and knowing that you're healing the world.

  • Who Are You?
    Mon, May 25, 2009

    What you think and what you do is a reflection of who you think you are. Marianne reminds you that you are a perfect child of God. It's up to you to find your purpose.

  • Innocence
    Fri, May 22, 2009

    Feeling guilty about mistakes that you've made doesn't benefit anyone, especially you. In God's eyes, you are eternally innocent. Marianne talks about taking responsibility for your errors and moving on in peace.

  • Forgiveness Is the Key to Happiness
    Thu, May 21, 2009

    Looking at any situation through the eyes of love instead of the eyes of lovelessness will help you to forgive. Marianne helps you think about the cause and effect of forgiveness.

  • The Big Mistake
    Wed, May 20, 2009

    When you make poor decisions, reflect on God's love first and pray for guidance and illumination. Love won't make you weak, it'll make you stronger. Marianne says you can change the outcome today.

  • Anger and Revenge
    Tue, May 19, 2009

    What is hurting you? A person who did something wrong or the hurt and pain that you are holding when you remember that person? Marianne talks about why you should pray for the people you're having a hard time forgiving.

  • Full Potential
    Mon, May 18, 2009

    Only God is all powerful, and God lives in you. He's bigger than any problem you have. Ask God to lift you up and make you strong. Marianne encourages you to realize your full potential.

  • Learn Now
    Fri, May 15, 2009

    Do you have to experience trauma or witness or be a part of a near-death experience to appreciate life? Marianne says to stop the drama and find peace now.

  • Life Changes
    Thu, May 14, 2009

    Your life comes together with age. The experiences in your life are important and work together to create something bigger and better, like layers in a tray of lasagna. Marianne says it's time to focus on the next wonderful layer of your life.

  • Homelessness
    Wed, May 13, 2009

    Losing a house is not the same as losing a home. Marianne says the inner home is a place we can always go to.

  • Love Is Real
    Tue, May 12, 2009

    Open the door of forgiveness and see the innocence of those who hurt you. Marianne shows you how to test God and find out love is real!

  • Human Suffering
    Mon, May 11, 2009

    The possibility of living in a better world starts with your efforts. Marianne talks about contributing what you can to end human suffering and find the best in yourself.

  • No Recession
    Fri, May 08, 2009

    In God there is no recession. This is not the time to buy into the world as it is being shown to you. Marianne takes a closer look at learning how to transcend the world.

  • The Right Perspective
    Thu, May 07, 2009

    Are you being bombarded with fear by the media? Marianne talks about the importance of seeking calm and getting in tune with God to get the correct perspective.

  • Stop Being Upset
    Wed, May 06, 2009

    All negativity is derived from fear. What you are afraid of is that a situation will not be solved in a way that serves you. God is bigger than the problem and can heal all. Marianne talks about how to surrender and have faith.

  • The Importance of Love
    Tue, May 05, 2009

    Put love first, and possibilities will emerge that otherwise wouldn't have. If you're experiencing relationship issues, give these problems over to God. Marianne talks about the importance of seeing only the beauty and innocence of others and of yourself and to let it be.

  • You've Got Talent
    Mon, May 04, 2009

    Greatness lies within you. Marianne encourages you to step up to the stage of your life and get in touch with your inner star.

  • Blessings
    Fri, May 01, 2009

    Are there good things that you desire for your life? Be aware of what makes you happy in your life. Marianne talks about the importance of being grateful for what you possess and being thankful for your blessings.

  • Swine Flu
    Thu, Apr 30, 2009

    There is a practical way to handle what might seem to be a huge problem. Marianne says it's time to pray the swine flu away.

  • Meditation
    Wed, Apr 29, 2009

    The power of meditation is available to all of us. Marianne talks about how to get ready to live in a new consciousness.

  • The Next Big Thing
    Tue, Apr 28, 2009

    Do you feel like you are wasting your life? If you do, you probably are. Find out how to fulfill your life. Marianne guides you to say, do and be the next big thing--it's waiting for you.

  • Rebirth
    Mon, Apr 27, 2009

    We are leaving one world and moving into another. You are leaving behind an old pattern and giving birth to a better, more enlightened life. With that, bless all those around you. Marianne urges us to give love and let in the blessings that God provides.

  • Experience Others
    Fri, Apr 24, 2009

    If you want to honor the spirit in those around you, find out how to recognize God in others as you recognize God in you. Everyone means something to you. Marianne talks about how to show up for others as well as for yourself.

  • Realize Your Role
    Thu, Apr 23, 2009

    Live in the present. God has a purpose for you, and you fulfill it by not focusing on the past and not worrying about the future. Marianne talks about working toward your role in life and not missing the important moments in your life.

  • Accepting Reality
    Wed, Apr 22, 2009

    You don't ask God for too much--you ask for too little. Recognize that your world is your own creation. Marianne guides you to detach yourself and realize your true purpose.

  • No Boundaries
    Tue, Apr 21, 2009

    How do we think of people in other countries? How are we separate from any other person, culture, sex or nationality? Marianne shows you how to take the next step to get past boundaries and connect with others.

  • Loving Others
    Mon, Apr 20, 2009

    Take a look at the people around you and silently say, "The love in me salutes the love in you." If you salute others, they're more likely to show you their love. Marianne talks about acknowledging the best in people in order to increase the odds that they will show up at their best.

  • No Limits
    Fri, Apr 17, 2009

    "I dwell in possibility," Emily Dickinson said. Marianne says you have endless possibility too. In God there are no limits--don't make them up.

  • Give It Up
    Thu, Apr 16, 2009

    Any problem given over to God is given over to the power of divine correction. Marianne talks about how to give each problem and situation over to God, and let thoughts of love and holiness rule your life.

  • Awareness
    Wed, Apr 15, 2009

    Everyone you meet today you have met for a reason. There is a valuable learning opportunity in every meeting. Don't pass up the chance to see the God in your fellow neighbor, Marianne says.

  • Faithless Person
    Tue, Apr 14, 2009

    We are all responsible for how we view our lives. If we have a negative attitude, then we have a negative view on our faith. Marianne talks about how to adopt a positive attitude. Watch your faith be renewed!

  • The Power of Prayer
    Mon, Apr 13, 2009

    Prayer is the medium of miracles, which is how you're going to allow miracles into your life. Marianne takes a closer look at how prayer connects you with God and His love.

  • Easter
    Fri, Apr 10, 2009

    The crucifixion is more than what happened to one man 2,000 years ago. Have you been crucified and have you crucified others? Marianne talks about how the crucifixion affects you with resurrection power.

  • Passover
    Thu, Apr 09, 2009

    Are you ready for the metaphysical meaning of Passover? What seas do you need to part in your life? How can you have God supersede the laws of time and space for you? Marianne helps you find out.

  • Find Solutions
    Wed, Apr 08, 2009

    Give your problems to God, and He will provide the answers. Marianne says He may not give you the solution right away, but he'll help you find your way.

  • Positive Choice
    Tue, Apr 07, 2009

    How can you live in the present and appreciate every moment? Marianne chooses to see all things in light. She talks about how you can change your life by changing your mind.

  • Achievement
    Mon, Apr 06, 2009

    Have you achieved everything God has given you to achieve? Marianne says it's time to find out what you are capable of achieving and grab hold of the ability inside.

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