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This Author: Marianne Williamson

The Marianne Williamson Podcast by Marianne Williamson

The Marianne Williamson Podcast

Conversation That Matter

by Marianne Williamson

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At LearnOutLoud we've been familiar with Marianne Williamson's books and ideas for a long time now. She recently gained further attention with her campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 United States presidential election. Now she has a podcast in which she interviews prominent politicians, thinkers, and spiritual teachers for hour-long conversations on serious topics that the United States and the world currently faces. Always tackling these challenges from a spiritual perspective, Marianne Williamson provides many of her own insights, along with bringing out the wisdom in her guests.

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Reviewer Harold12
 December 31, 2009
Good Podcast! I'm so proud of Oprah. Please keep up what you are doing. You have been on target since I can remember.
Also Marianne is so encouraging. The one on choosing your words is so powerful and personal to me. It's more effective than meditation, I don't like meditation and don't do it, hardly. I found that with the spiritual rules like service, thankfulness, forgiveness and using accurate descriptive words over negative, judgmental, exaggeration words (hyperbole), did it for me. Maybe that works better with males as they need it more, but do you realize what a radical change that can make in you, in your subconscious, so that it even handles things automatically? Frankly, I don't think all the gurus realize the power of what they are saying.
A couple of other things help with intuition. All types. Looking up Emotional Intelligence, even in sports, opens the door to intuition. Of course there are more ways too, but words make a radical change and listening to what intuition has to say. Lack of forgiveness and the other things all block your connection with yourself, not to mention with others, so that is why these things are so important. Just dropping negative words, and of course the thoughts that go with them, make you able to go to the heights and depth of emotions or anywhere in between, pretty much under your total control to handle anything. It's smart, though, to test the intuitions, both to see that they are actually intuitions, ie. correct and also to understand the whole picture. You should be able to surpass most gurus, which is what we all want; independence and power.

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