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Drugs and Behavior by David Presti

Drugs and Behavior

webcast.berkeley Course - Psych 119

by David Presti

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A survey course exploring the basic principles of psychopharmacology. The major focus of the course is on the relationship between behavior and the physiological actions of drugs. Emphasis will be placed on effects of pharmacological agents on complex mental processes such as attention, motivation, learning, and memory.

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Excellent podcasts
Reviewer chooklady
 September 26, 2011
I loved these podcasts - they were comprehensive, informative, engaging and thought provoking. David Presti's knowledge about his subject and interest in his subject is obvious. It helped me a lot to understand the complexities of substance abuse & addiction, including associated processes in the brain. I found these podcasts invaluable in my course, but would find them interesting listening even without having to study the subject. Would recommend to anyone!

Almost like going back to school
Reviewer ojshrink
 December 18, 2007
An entire semester of twice-weekly lectures at UC Berkeley that kind of makes you feel like you've gone back to school. You get harangued about turning in your homework and registering for sections that meet early in the morning. All in all, the lectures spend too much time on the history of cannabis, LSD and related legal issues. No coverage at all of antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, only a brief discussion of benzos, a cursory mention of various neuro transmitters (not enough), a very brief exposition of the nervous system (again, not enough), and too much time spent on the benefits of LSD psycho-analysis (I kid you not!). The lecturer is engaging, fun, and smart.

A Good Course in Psychopharmacology
Reviewer Flora
 April 25, 2007
I listened to the 25 or so 1 1/4 hour podcasts from this University of California lecturer, David Presti, in less than a month. I found the lectures very fascinating and informative. He gave very comprehensive background information, and apparently had some good visual displays to go along with the class although I couldn't see them.
It would be helpful to be able to have "The Reader" he kept referring to in the lectures to be able to follow along with him more - particularly when he was talking about the molecular structure of some of the drugs and neural transmitters. About the only thing I was disappointed in was that as far as I could tell he didn't cover the anti-schizophrenic medications very much although he did cover anti-depressants and lithium quite well. It was also very cool to be able to listen to a complete set of lectures from this well known university since it is doubtful that I would ever be able to do so in person.
I especially enjoyed his presentations on street drugs.
I might add that I obtained a job in which I had to write articles on Zelapar, osteoporosis, diabetes and tuberculosis right after I listened to the Podcast. I didn't realize the information would come in quite so handy quite so fast.

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