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This Author: Peter Rojas

Engadget Podcast by Peter Rojas

Engadget Podcast

by Peter Rojas

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Engadget's up to the second coverage of consumer electronics and technology.

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Reviewer J.E.
 February 17, 2006
The Engadget podcast is a cool show that brings listeners up to date on what kind of new gadgets (cell phones, gaming systems, digital cameras, etc.) they can expect to hit the store shelves in the near future.

I found the hosts of this podcast to be extremely knowledgeable and very likable. They apparently have inside sources at a lot of high-tech companies, so they often get the scoop on what's coming up before regular news outlets do. That's what makes this podcast so much fun! It's not just a couple of guys speculating about what might happen or what they would like to see in the future; they actually have info so much of what they say is true!

The only thing I didn't like about this podcast was the fact that the hosts assume that everyone listening is pretty familiar with gadgets already. So they talk about different product models by their model numbers, which meant nothing to me. It was a bit confusing at times. Overall, though, this was a great podcast and I will definitely be listening again!

Reviewer personalmedia
 February 17, 2006
I found the Engadget Podcast to be very technical in nature. The hosts were extremely knowledgable about the subjects of technology and gadgets. They were also quite enthusiastic which added some interest to the podcast. But, overall I wasn't able to get much useful information from the program because of its advanced technical content.

People that have a broader base knowledge of new technologies would probably really enjoy the podcast. As a novice, however, I didn't. I wasn't familiar with many of the acronyms and model references the hosts used.

Reviewer LOLJPB
 February 17, 2006
The Engadget Podcast is nirvana for geeks. It's a two-man podcast that covers the spectrum when it comes to technology and electronic gadgets. If hearing about the latest in smart phones, mobile computer, wireless networking, etc. is your cup of tea then you'll love the Engadget Podcast. For instance, I'm shopping around for a new phone and was glad to hear a discussion about the new Treo "670" that's coming out soon. Conversations like that will keep me coming back to the Engadget Podcast in the future.

My only beef with the Engadget Podcast is its length. Most episodes tend to clock in pretty close to an hour and this does seem too long for me. I think Engadget is a very good podcast that would be a great podcast (and much more appropriate for commutes) if they kept it under a half hour. But if you're a big fan you could probably listen to these guys for hours on end in which case just dismiss my comments. Engadget is perfect for the audience it's trying to reach.

Reviewer girijad83
 February 17, 2006
Engadget is definitely a gadget lovers dream come true! It gives the inside scoop of the latest, the greatest and the most useless gadgets to hit Earth. Show host Peter Rojas talks and compares different models of phones, cd-players, portable video players, laptops, gaming consoles, to name a few, with other models from the same company, and equivalent models of other brands.

The show definitely requires a tech geek to comprehend it in its entirety. That is, it requires the listener to be updated about the latest product models, while Engadget explains which is the best model and why.

The audio quality is good, and the show hosts have a crisp voice (with a dash of geekiness;) I would recommend this show for all those budding youngsters who want to buy a gift for themselves or their pals, or those who want to get into the act of rigorous analysis of the ubiquitous gadgets, or do everything in between.

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