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David McCullough is undoubtedly one of the most popular modern historians living today. If one were to break down the reasons for his fantastic success, one might argue that it lies in his uncanny ability to re-write history as if it were an epic novel. Born in Pittsburgh in 1933, McCullough received his education from Yale. Originally pursuing a career in art, his interests began to change after he began talking with celebrated author Thornton Wilder. During lunch breaks, the undergraduate McCullough began thinking about a career in writing, and to this day he cites Wilder as a primary career influence.

After deciding to write professionally, McCullough cut his teeth working at Sports Illustrated, American Heritage, and other periodicals. His first book was written during his free time while writing for American Heritage, and was met with immediate success. Since becoming a full time author, McCullough has written many more brilliant books, each dealing with some aspect of the American story, whether it be told from the viewpoint of an everyday citizen or the President of the United States. A regular lecturer and presence on public broadcasting, McCullough continues to top bestseller lists with each new book he releases. He currently resides in Massachusetts with his college sweetheart, Rosalee.

We Recommend
We first recommend listening to McCullough's audio book, 1776. This tells the tale of the men who marched alongside George Washington during the war for American Independence. The story is told through the eyes of the men that fought in this important conflict, and also examines George Washington, a man that had never led soldiers into battle up to that point. Hear about what may have been America's darkest hour as a nation, and the individual tales of bravery that led to the formation of our country.

After you've been given a good taste of McCullough at his best, we suggest not missing his two of his most prominent biographies. The first is Truman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning document of a President that many have relegated to being a footnote in history. McCullough handles his subject with utmost seriousness: here you will hear the sweeping tale of how our 33rd president decided to use the atomic bomb, and how he navigated the turbulent dawning of the Cold War.

Finally, there's John Adams, an immensely popular portrait of the United States' Second President. In this biography, McCullough pulls out all the stops in capturing the drama of Adams' era and importance. You will listen to how Adams avoided another costly war, you will hear about his antagonistic relationship with Thomas Jefferson, and finally you'll learn how this honest Yankee Patriot came to lead his young country during a time of extreme risk.

Whether you are interested in learning more about American History, or want to hear inspiring stories of the people that have helped shape the American Ideal, you'll find no better place to look than with the work of David McCullough. LearnOutLoud.com is thrilled to showcase the work of this prominent and vital historian.

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On May 15th, 2003 David McCullough presented The Course of Human Events as The 2003 Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities in Washington, DC. The Jefferson Lecture is a tribute to McCullough's lifetime investigation of history.

by David McCullough
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Penelope Lively, winner of the Booker Prize, describes how the study and appreciation of history influences the writer of fiction.

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