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“The free mind never asks how, but is always discovering, moving, living.”

Krishnamurti spent his adult life speaking to people around the world on the eternal questions of life. One could say he was a philosopher in the original sense of the word, not an academic or intellectual, but a lover of truth. But who Krishnamurti was is probably not as important as what Krishnamurti said, or rather the exploration we can take through the words he has left:

“I think it is important to understand that freedom is at the beginning and not at the end. We think freedom is something to be achieved, that liberation is an ideal state of mind to be gradually attained through time, through various practices; but to me, this is a totally wrong approach. Freedom is not to be achieved; liberation is not a thing to be gained. Freedom, or liberation, is that state of mind which is essential for the discovery of any truth, any reality; therefore, it cannot be an ideal; it must exist right from the beginning. Without freedom at the beginning, there can be no moments of direct understanding because all thinking is then limited, conditioned. If your mind is tethered to any conclusion, to any experience, to any form of knowledge or belief, it is not free; and such a mind cannot possibly perceive what is truth.”

Krishnamurti raises questions such as:

“What is it that we are seeking? And can a mind that is seeking ever find something beyond time, beyond its own projections?”


“Is there such a thing as the absolute, the immeasurable, and is there any relation between that immensity and our everyday living?”


“Is there freedom in thinking, or is all thought limited?”

Krishnamurti challenges us to approach these questions in a way that defies traditional roles of teacher and student. He does not see himself as someone dispensing knowledge or ideas to be collected, and asks the reader to find a relationship in which there is no following of an authority, only discovery:

“I do not believe that there is any teaching; there is only learning, and this is very important to understand. When the individual who is listening regards the speaker as one who is teaching him something, such an attitude creates and maintains the division of the pupil and the master, of the one who knows and the one who does not know. But there is only learning, and I think it is very important from the very beginning to understand this and to establish the right relationship between us. The man who says he knows does not know; the man who says he has attained liberation has not realized. If you think you are going to learn something from me which I know and you do not know, then you become a follower—and he who follows will never find out what is truth. That is why it is very important for you to understand this.”

More of Krishnamurti's works, including quotes and audio and video streams are available at jkrishnamurti.org. There are foundations with libraries, retreats and study centers in India, England, Spain and California.

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by Jiddu Krishnamurti
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1 - 2 of 2 Titles