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Alpha Break by Effective Learning Systems

Alpha Break

by Effective Learning Systems

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12 Min.
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  3.8  Stars Based on 97 ratings

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Listen to this free 12 Min. MP3 download offered by Effective Learning Systems. This spoken word program is designed to put listeners in a relaxed state both mentally and physically. It can be used again and again at any time during the day. Download this free MP3 from LearnOutLoud.com.


Receive instant access to your free MP3 download of our Alpha Break audio program. This MP3 download will help you relax mentally and physically in just 10 minutes.

Use your Alpha Break MP3 download any time during the day. It's a positive alternative to a "coffee break." While it lasts only 10 minutes, it will help you relax and lower your brainwave frequency to the alpha state (7-14 Hertz). At this level of mind you will quickly raise your energy level, generate new ideas, make decisions, or just renew your positive attitude. Its ready to serve you wherever you go. Try it now!

This MP3 sample will introduce you to some of the techniques used in our 100+ audio programs - techniques such as positive affirmations, visualization, guided meditation, and guided imagery.

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Our other audio programs are similar to this MP3 sample, but longer in length (typically 60-78 minutes). They incorporate additional techniques such as subliminal programming (with subliminal messages recorded beneath the sound of ocean waves or carefully selected music), and focus on helping you achieve specific goals like increasing your self-esteem, conquering your fears and anxiety or managing your weight.

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Reviewer mero
 March 31, 2011

Reviewer Ladymaggic
 December 31, 2008
I found it very good...and enjoyed the clear voice and the gentle instructions...and 10 minutes is a good time

Thank you

Alpha Break - A true welcome to my day!
Reviewer Babbs
 April 21, 2008
For years, I have avoided anything that hinted of meditating to music and voices for fear - "oh, it's just mind altering stuff" that makes you do all kinds of things subliminally. Now, I can kick myself for being afraid of myself, my inner self. If I'd started earlier, I might, just might, be in a better state of being. Being inquisitive, I downloaded the free Alpha Break and it has really helped me to find inner peace and quietness in the midst of a lot of chaos - my mind. With this Alpha Break and Bob Griswald's soothing voice, I continue to develop the way to a quiet mind. For that, I am thankful. For that, I almost begin to giggle when I get to the part about smiling.

Alpha Break - Clean, Simple, Effective
Reviewer mikegreer
 January 04, 2008
I agree entirely with Magenta's review (below). I would add that I intend to have this available at all times on my mp3 player for "emergency calming & focusing!" In a quick 10 - 12 minutes, this will prepare you for your next challenge and provide an infusion of positive energy. I intend to feature this item on my "The Best Free Training" blog (www.bestfreetraining.net) in the next few days. Thanks for sharing this!

Alpha Break
Reviewer Magenta
 October 07, 2007
Bob Griswald, of Effective Learning Systems, has a warm and friendly voice which immediately inspires trust and a willing ness to relax, enjoy and learn. There is none of the spiritual pretentiousness, all too often found in other guided visualisations. This is a direct, practical approach which covers a lot of ground in a little time. It leaves you relaxed, energised and positive. I recommend it to one and all.

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