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OSHO International Podcast by Osho

OSHO International Podcast

by Osho

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OSHO International features a podcast that has the teachings of the Indian mystic and spiritual teacher Osho. They only have one talk on the podcast feed currently but it is definitely worth listening to. The talk is entitled "The Attachment to Misery" and in the talk Osho expresses that people are attached to misery because it encourages other people to care for them and allows them to cling to their egos. He relates this to saints and ascetics who pursue suffering as a means of gaining respect. Osho thinks happiness and bliss are often unknown territory and that they often can lead to others being jealous of a happy person. Osho feels that creativity is happiness and in creativity a person breaks free from conformity of society. It's a radical and amusing talk from this unique spiritual teacher.


OSHO International presents an ever-expanding selection of video and audio clips featuring insights by the contemporary mystic, Osho. Drawing upon a collection of more than 6,500 live recordings, each program offers a glimpse into the many dimensions of Osho's unique vision. Humorous, provocative and controversial, Osho articulates the nature of the human mind with all its foibles, and voices the urgent need for a new, individual approach to spirituality free from repressive and divisive superstitions of the past. Longer programs and complete series of talks are offered through different publishers and the OSHO International Foundation. Visit us at www.osho.com.

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Reviewer milowrance
 March 23, 2011
one of the best things i have ever listened to.

Reviewer shivacharm
 August 22, 2009
wonderful that's all i can say

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Audio : OSHO :: The Attachment to Misery

Author: OSHO International
Fri, Sep 11, 2009

"Misery has many things to give to you which happiness cannot give."
An excerpt from The Book of Wisdom

Total Running Time: 0:37:08.
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The Book of Wisdom by Osho is available in 28 audio chapters from OSHO Audio Books.

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