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Zencast Podcast by Gil Fronsdal

Zencast Podcast

by Gil Fronsdal

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Zencast has been offering Zen Buddhism teachings on podcast for over a year now and the great thing is they've kept all their podcasts up on their feed so each of them can still be downloaded. Included on this feed is an unabridged recording of the key Buddhist text "The Dhammapada" translated and read by Zencast host Gil Fronsdal. Fronsdal also teaches a five part "Introduction to Meditation" class. Other frequent speakers on Zencast include Thich Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle. Essential listening for anyone looking to learn more about Zen Buddhism.

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Reviewer personalmedia
 February 17, 2006
I found the Zencast Podcasts I reviewed to be an exceptional listening and learning experience. Anyone interested in learning more about Buddhism and the practice of meditation will enjoy these podcasts. Gil Fronsdal is a mindfulness teacher who hosts these podcasts. He offers stories that illustrate his points and offer illumination. One of the podcast I reviewed covered issues related to the current state of terrorism that is present in our world. Fronsdal gives practical mindfulness tools to deal with this facet of our world. He also discusses more generally the tenants and lessons to be learned from Buddhism.

Each podcast also contains a variety of musical pieces that are soothing and useful for meditation or just relaxation. The sound quality of the music is exceptional. The sound quality of Fronsdal’s discussions are also good.

Reviewer J.E.
 February 17, 2006
If you want to learn more about Buddhism or if you want a few moments of meditation during the day, then you should listen to the Zencast podcast. The host of this show talks about interesting topics such as perception, peace, and concentration and how to attain these states through meditation. You will also be treated to a wide variety of music that will aid you in your meditative practices.

Overall, I thought this podcast was well done. The host is very likable and easy to listen to, the topics are varied and relevant, and the music is very relaxing. The only thing I didn't like is that these podcasts tend to be quite long. It might be difficult to fit this one in every week, especially if you already subscribe to a lot of other podcasts.

Reviewer girijad83
 February 17, 2006
The Zencast podcast by zencast.org consists of inspiring music interspersed with buddhist views of compassion, fear, being in the "now" (present), the Four Noble Truths, mindfulness and peacfulness, and ways to achieve meditative states. I found the pieces extraordinarily good, which can lighten up a hectic day of work and a day when you want to achieve that meditative state you have been craving for. The audio pieces have been shortened slightly for a bigger audience base with time restrictions, since the review by J.E. mentioning that one cannot possibly listen to such long audio pieces especially if one has subscribed to many podcasts.

The latest podcast I listened to explained how identification with temporary forms, the "self", is an illusion, leading to suffering, and we need to come to terms with the actuality in order to overcome that suffering due to ignorance. It explains how all these modes of identification are what christians call 'evil'. The podcast focuses on making the similarity of christianity and buddhism stand out by comparison.

The audio quality is good and I recommend this podcast to those wanting to get an eastern view of religion.

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