Audio Book Affiliates

Audio Book Affiliates

New Titles for Immediate Download

Every week at LearnOutLoud we add new titles that you can download and listen to. One of the best parts about anything you buy from LearnOutLoud is that it's guaranteed to be compatible with any MP3 player that you own. In fact, LearnOutLoud is the only company that is selling audiobook downloads that are compatible with both the Apple iPod and the soon-to-be released Microsoft Zune.

Here's a sampling of some of the new content we've recently added:

Audio-Forum - Audio-Forum publishes audio content in 106 different languages and we're proud to welcome them to the LearnOutLoud family. A couple of noteworthy titles include Relaxation Exercises by Dr. Arnold Lazarus and No-Time Japanese.

Blackstone Audiobooks - Blackstone is one of the largest (the largest?) publishers of audiobooks. Check out their editions of The Prince, Around the World in Eighty Days and Dostoevsky's The Idiot.

Healing Society - Healing Society publishes titles related to holistic living such as Peace in the Brain and The Soul Needs Training to Grow.

New Affiliate Program

Would you like to make money promoting LearnOutLoud titles on your blog, website or newsletter? We recently launched an affiliate program that pays you 15% of any sales from traffic you refer our way. It's a great way to make some extra income while introducing people to the world of audio and video learning. For more details or to join the affiliate program now, click the link below:

LearnOutLoud's New Affiliate Program

Team Hoyt

We featured this in our Free Resource of the Day e-mail a little while ago but it's worth repeating here. The story of Team Hoyt is a remarkable one and an incredible reminder of just how powerful courage and love can be. If you haven't seen this already you're in for a real treat.

Team Hoyt

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